Small Space Laundry Room Ideas

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Our laundry room makeover made some progress this weekend. I originally planned on just painting the walls white and reusing the existing metal shelves and brackets but once I started painting, I decided to change the shelving units. Why do I always do that? I initially plan on a simple makeover project and mid stream, I change my mind and complicate things.

Do you ever do that?

My dad saw me attempting to remove striped screws and shelving that was over forty years old from the previous owner and he said, “what the heck are you doing, why don’t you leave the shelving brackets?” Of course, once the shelves and brackets were removed, the holes in wall were enormous and the marks from the existing brackets required sanding. The metal brackets below were rusted to the wall in some spots. They were basically engrained in the wall.

Small Space Laundry Room

small space laundry room

laundry room removing shelves

Our Laundry Room Wall and how I removed the old brackets

Our laundry room is in a small closet in our half bathroom off of our kitchen. Here is how it looked before I painted it.

small space laundry room

Here is how it looks once I got the brackets removed.

small space laundry room

Our laundry room is about the size of this laundry room below. The idea of a tv in a laundry room is brilliant.

I despise folding laundry but this would certainly help motivate me. ha

small space laundry room ideas

Subway Tile Idea in a small laundry room

Adding a subway style or mosaic tile to the back was a possibility. After tiling our bathroom and our kitchen backsplash, this would be a piece of cake.

small space laundry room

I am hoping that we have enough room to put the washer and dryer side by side but if  not, this stackable design below with the side shelves is a good alternative. The problem with this though is I wouldn’t have a folding station.

small space laundry room ideas3

If we stacked our washer and dryer, we would most likely have enough room to create a sorting station with baskets on the side.

small space laundry room ideas4

small space laundry room ideas5

I think this laundry room is so pretty. The striped rug coordinates perfectly with the washer and dryer.

small space laundry room ideas6

I like the idea of white walls and warm chocolate toned shelves, similar to the counter below.

small space laundry room ideas8

We need a new light fixture as the existing one is 40 years old and outdated. I think something like this would be perfect.

small space laundry room ideas9

small space laundry room ideas10

The counter space below is ideal in this small space laundry room. I think the built in closed door cabinets around the window is clever and a great use of space.

small space laundry rooms

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UPDATE: See our full laundry reveal, it is finished!

My goal is to create a laundry room that is functional and stylish. The main objective is to have a folding station and by placing our units side by side, we could accomplish this by adding a counter on top. If the units will not fit side by side, then we will obviously need to stack them which will most likely allow us a small sorting bin and some shelves on the side. We have measured twice and are convinced they will fit side by side but we only have 2 inches to spare. The new washer and dryer will be here soon so time will tell!

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  1. Can’t wait to see your finished product. I’m trying to decide what to do with my laundry room myself. Thanks for pics of different options.

  2. Great rooms! Do you know where you found the second to last Photo? I need that shelving unit is just right to go next to our stackables!

  3. If you had to stack them couldn’t you have some kind of shelf that slid out from the shelves you put beside the units. Or a door on the shelves that came down and formed a table top (with a leg on a hinge) to fold on. Or against the wall.

    Of courses your shelves would be larger.

    1. Yes I think so. I also think a pull out shelf in between the washer and dryer might work. Thanks for the info 🙂

      1. toni burden says:

        I’m in the process of redoing my laundry and will be stacking my washer and dryer. I love the idea of the pull out between the appliances for folding laundry. How would I accomplish this? I have been trying to research but not getting anywhere your help would be greatly appreciated.

        Thank you

        1. I know some bloggers have built a pull out and put rolling wheels on it so it pulls out easily. That might be something that would work 🙂

  4. Beautiful laundry rooms! I would love to redo mine. Any ideas for people with a top load washer?

  5. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this post!! My laundry “room” is a small closet in our hallway and I’ve been looking for alternatives to the way the shelving is done and this post gives me some great ideas!

  6. I loved the pull-out shelf in between the stacked units in one of your photos. Never saw that before and that could be a solution for folding space with stacked units! We are breaking ground on our property Nov. 1st and I am still planning our laundry room! In our very first home, a long time ago, my husband built me a shelf that pulled out from under the ordinary ones above it so I would have a place to put folded clothes. Everyone had their “spot” on that shelf when I was folding.

    Thanks for a great article! Lauralee

    1. A place to fold is important. I usually throw them on the table and then the pile annoys me . ha! We will have a folding station in our new one, I can’t wait! 🙂 Good luck with your new home, that is so exciting!

  7. eric102271 says:

    These are all good and well but many of them only work if you have the money to buy the new style washer and dryers. I have top loading washer and both my washer and dryer have the control panel on the top rear. This makes many of these setups unusable.

  8. I love seeing all your awesome projects! Question, I couldn’t find how to build a laundry room folding station over washer & dryer. Do you have a tutorial on that? Thank you so much!

  9. Do you know the brand of the washer and dryer in the 1st laundry design photo?

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