Benefits of Lutron motion sensor light switches

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Last month I shared how to install a Lutron motion sensor light switch and today I am going to share the benefits of motion sensor light switches. In our home, we have four generations living under one roof so the lights are always left on. Most of the time it’s probably the kids or my husband who are the culprits. Sorry honey! However, a month later, after installing the sensor in two of our bathrooms, those lights are never left on. It has taken away my dad’s favorite saying, “hey, who left the bathroom light on?!”

benefits of a lutron motion sensor light switch

The Lutron motion sensor light switches are stylish and blend right in with the modern cottage design of our home. The installation was incredibly easy and it’s definitely a DIY project that most anyone can tackle.

benefits of a lutron motion sensor light switch

For those of you who didn’t see the installation process a month ago, my brother helped me install this switch and we provided a video with step by step instructions. My brother loved the switch so much that he went out and purchased the three way motion sensor panel by Lutron. He installed it in his kitchen (he has a three light switch panel) and they absolutely love it. He has one of the switches set to a dimmer which my sister in law loves.

Some interesting statistics below provided by Lutron regarding families and their electricity habits.

benefits of a lutron motion sensor light switch

The benefits of Lutron motion sensor light switches not only lessen the chaos in a family of placing blame on, who left the lights on, but over a period of time I can see how the installation  would certainly save on the electric bill. It only makes sense that you would save money on the electric bill if you installed a motion sensor in each of the most occupied rooms as noted above in the graphic. My dad actually wants to install these sensors throughout the entire house. He is funny, sometimes he walks by the bathroom off of our kitchen (where we installed the sensor) and walks in and walks right out because he loves that it comes on automatically. He is like a kid. For real!

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This post was part 2 of the Lutron sponspored post I shared in August.

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