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Our laundry room makeover begins

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The laundry room makeover was not on our list of projects this year but when the washer and dryer both broke within a week of each other, it was time to tackle the tiny closet we call our laundry room. We are lucky that we have two other laundry rooms. My parents and grandparents each have their own laundry room. Doing laundry with my dad though is not fun. We are going on 3 weeks of sharing his space and he said to me a couple days ago as he looked at five of my loads on his laundry room floor, “when are you getting your own washer and dryer, you are disaster with laundry.”  I am, I will admit it. I am very bad at keeping up with laundry. He also washes everything together and on high heat so leaving a pile of dirty clothes in his laundry room is a bad idea. He shrinks everything!

Do you follow us on instagram? Here is an instagram during the dryer saga.


We have found it easier for each family to have their own laundry space. It just eliminates the sharing, mess chaos that happens with laundry. You know what I mean right? My dad does most of the laundry for he and my mom and he is super diligent and rarely are there clothes left in the dryer. My grandparents only do a load every three days and I swear they measure the amount of water that they use. My grandfather has never been known to share very well so for me, I stay away from that situation……ha. My husband and I decided to add our own laundry area in our half bathroom off of the kitchen.


I was shocked when our washer and dryer died within a week of each other. We bought them five years ago when we moved in to my parents house and I thought they would last atleast ten years! I guess not.


My husband works a ridiculous amount of hours and Wednesday is usually his day off. He is not impressed with me when I say, “can you help me for just five minutes?” It usually ends up being longer then five minutes and this was definitely one of those times. The vanity in the bathroom takes up most of the space and the walkway isn’t very wide from the closet where the laundry area is and the door to the bathroom. Needless to say, we had to lift the dryer (which wasn’t very smart on my part as I can’t move my back right now) over the vanity and then we found out it was to wide for the door way.


He wanted to kill me. Like for real.


After we literally took the entire dryer apart, we finally got it through the door. We put it out on our front lawn with a “free” sign and of course, someone stopped 20 minutes later and took it. We live on a busy road and it is so easy to get rid of stuff. People will take anything that says free! Ironically, my husband saw the two guys taking it and told them we had a washer as well. So what do you know, they came in and took the washer also. ha


I normally don’t let strangers in our house but my husband and I were both wondering how we were going to get the incredibly heavy washer out and then it was like a sign from god, these two guys pull up with their trailer full of junk. Of course, I am taking pictures of these random guys in my house hauling away our washer.


See our dryer on the very end of their trailer?


Now for some paint, shelving and whatever else I dream up. It’s a very tiny space and I am hoping to maximize the storage area above the washer and dryer. I think side by side units with a built in counter on top with shelving units above. I would love to have pull out sorting bins to the left side as well.


If you follow us on facebook, I got lots of great suggestions from readers about which washer and dryer to buy.


The little alcove area (where the shelves are) is awkward and I am not sure what I am going to do with that area. We had stackable units in here (the ones we just removed) and they covered most of the shelves which made it difficult to get things off the shelves. I think I am going to remove the shelves and see how it looks once the new washer and dryer are in the space. So here we go, a laundry room makeover under way. My son said, “but mom, what about the study/playroom makeover?” He is exciting about his new desk. One of these days, the study will get completed. I hope! ha .

PS. Thank you so much for all your continued comments and emails about our fall home tour. You are all very kind 🙂

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