Why We Love Polar Express North Conway, NH Event

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Today I am sharing our Polar Express in North Conway NH review! I started booking tickets for our family to attend the Polar Express Event in North Conway in early October as it seems to fill up quickly.  The year we attended The Polar Express Event, the tickets were given out via a lottery system on the Polar Express website.

The other alternative, instead of the lottery, is to book a package through a local participating resort or hotel. We live about 3 hours from North Conway New Hampshire so getting away for a weekend to North Conway is doable by car. If you have young children, this is a MUST see event during the holiday season and personally, a great weekend getaway.

Polar Express North Conway Tickets

polar express event north conway nh

Best Polar Express North Conway Hotel Packages

The North Conway Polar Express is an event for the memory books! We booked a two night package through the Marriott Residence Inn in North Conway.

The Marriott is a sponsor of the Journey To The North Pole and provide lodging and ticket packages. There are 5 or 6 other hotels in the area as well that offer packages.

The hotel package included a two night stay in one of their studio suites with kitchenette, breakfast, pictures with Santa, afternoon of crafts and 5 polar express tickets.

The hotel is clean and nicely decorated. The rooms are beautiful and very spacious.  If you search Polar Express North Conway hotel packages on google or their website, you will see a list of participating hotels that offer packages.

As for the polar express tickets, we ended up purchasing the Dome Polar Express tickets. They are a little bit more money but well worth it if you can afford it.

The dome is the top part of the train and it only seats about 30 people. It was really cool riding up that high on the train. The hotel makes all of the arrangements and pre-purchases the tickets.

polar express event north conway nh

Polar Express Train Ride

Journey to the North Pole North Conway! The polar express train ride to the North Pole is amazing and they do a wonderful job mimicking the book and story.

We ate dinner right in the center of North Conway (which is literally less then a 1/4 mile from the Marriott) and then walked across the street to the North Conway railroad station where the train departed for the North Pole promptly at 7pm.

polar express event north conway nh-3

The kids all wore their pj’s and it was so much fun!

polar express event north conway nh-4

Things to do North Conway NH

The center of North Conway is loaded with fun restaurants all kids friendly and casual. We ate two times at Horsefeathers Restaurant.

Once downstairs at the old fashioned ice cream parlor (they serve dinner also) and once upstairs at the “windows on Main Street”. By far, my favorite place to eat in North Conway.

polar express event north conway nh-5

This picture above was taken at Horsefeathers in the downstairs, Ice Cream Parlor portion of the restaurant. Very fun for the kids.

polar express event north conway nh-6
polar express event north conway nh-7

My son was obsessed with the red motorcycle behind him. 

polar express event north conway nh-8
polar express event north conway nh-9

AFter dinner we walked across the street to the railroad station and boarded our train.

polar express event north conway nh-10

They served hot cocoa , cookies and gave each of the kids a warm fleece scarf. 

This is the dome part of the train.

Hearing the “all aboard the Polar Express” was pretty neat too. 

polar express event north conway nh-12

Once we arrived, we were greeted by Santa’s elves. Literally hundreds of them.

polar express event north conway nh-13
polar express event north conway nh-14

We walked a bit through a winding dirt pathway listening to the elves sing as we made our way to the North Pole.

polar express event north conway nh-15

Along the way we passed Santa’s workshop.

polar express event north conway nh-16
polar express event north conway nh-17

We we arrived at the North Pole after about a three minute walk. We all gathered in a fully decorated large dome where Santa arrived and read the book, The Polar Express.

polar express event north conway nh-18

Can I just tell you, this was an incredible magical experience. Truly one I will never forget.

polar express event north conway nh-19

As we boarded our train to head back to the railroad station, my son said, “mom, can Santa come home with us?” I said, he will be visiting us soon on Christmas Eve in a few short weeks.

Another fun thing to do before you visit is to watch the Polar Express movie and read the book. It’s a magical movie. 

polar express event north conway nh-21

The timing was perfect. We went two weeks before Christmas which made it even more special in my opinion. The Polar Express Event in North Conway is hands down, one of the best family events we have ever done.

Besides the polar express, North Conway is loaded with high end outlet stores so you can shop til you drop, restaurants and of course, ski slopes.

Trust me, you won’t be lacking for anything to do!  I just realized, now is the time to book if you want to take your little ones on a magical weekend (or during the week) Christmas event. I was not paid to write this post. I just really loved this trip and think you will as well.  Many of the hotels purchase the tickets in bulk over the summer and have them available if you book a nights stay at their hotel. Chances are, you will need a place to stay.

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  1. this looks like a great trip to plan! my family has been on the Grand Canyon the Polar Express Railway out of Williams Arizona and it was wonderful and at night. we have also been on the one in North Carolina in the mountains the Blue Ridge smokin whatever Polar Express and it was not so great. it was during the day and they really didn’t do the theme up at all it was less than par. I will love to plan a trip to the New Hampshire one it looks great. thanks for sharing!!!

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