DIY Window Insulation: Say Goodbye to Drafty Windows and High Heating Bills

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Is your home suffering from heat loss due to drafty old windows and sky-high heating energy costs during cold weather? We’ve got the solution you need – a straightforward DIY guide to window insulation. Get ready to banish those chilly drafts and get your heating bills under control. Let’s dive in and I’ll show you how we applied this simple affordable DIY window insulation to our basement window.

There are several cost effective ways to insulate old windows against the cold winter months and boy, when outdoor temperatures start to drop, you really notice the difference. Window insulation film is a great option, as it offers multiple solutions for those looking to save money without compromising on quality.

From bubble wrap to window insulation kits, there are plenty of affordable options available to keep your home warm and cozy this winter.

DIY window insulation with Duck Shrink Film Window Insulation Kit

How To Insulate Windows Cheaply

One of the cheapest ways to insulate windows for winter is to use insulation film. Old windows have character, but they also let in unwanted drafts which means costly heating bills. Energy efficiency

Say hello to DIY window insulation kits! These kits come with everything you need to give your windows a winter upgrade. You’ll find plastic shrink film, double-sided tape, and clear instructions. Let’s get started.

Window Insulation Kits 

Asking yourself, what can I put on my windows to insulate them? Window insulation kits are affordable, easy to install and provide energy savings.

Duck Window Insulation Kit, white trim window, window sill
DIY window insulation kit comes with everything you need

Materials Needed:

We used the Duck® Max Strength® Brand Rolled Window Insulation Kits offers a solution that allows you to help block drafts that lead to high heating costs.

Whether you need to insulate many windows or are concerned about certain areas high-traffic areas in in your home, the window insulation kit has you covered.

DIY Window Insulation in 5 Simple Steps

Clean and Prep:

Start by cleaning the inside of the window and the area around them. Remove old caulk or peeling paint from the window sill.

Apply Double-Sided Tape:

Carefully put double-sided tape around the entire window frame. Ensure it’s secure.

Duck window adhesive tape for window insulation shrink film
DIY window insulation double sided tape

Seal the Gaps:

Fill small gaps or cracks with caulk. Think of it as plugging leaks in a boat; you’re stopping the cold air from sneaking in.

Window Insulation Film:

Now the star of the show! Time to install the window insulation film. Apply it to the inside of your windows, following the kit’s instructions. Smooth out any wrinkles for a snug fit.

Simply roll on the shrink film and cut off the excess edges with scissors.

Duck window shrink film on white trim window
DIY window insulation film

You don’t even need to measure!

The film is rolled specifically in sections so you just need to roll the film across and once you get to the end of the window, the 4 section will unroll. So easy, takes little time and makes a huge difference!

Duck window shrink film on white trim window
Window insulation film sticks to the double sided tape

Trim Excess & Seal:

Trim any excess film for a clean finish.

DIY window insulation
This DIY window insulation was the quickest way to prevent heat loss

The rolled shrink insulation film is puncture-resistant and is two times thicker than standard window kits providing an added barrier between the outdoor air and your home’s inside.

One of the coolest features is that the convenient insulation kits are rolled providing ease of use.

cut with scissors Duck shrink film - window insulation kit

Best Window Film Kit Insulation

There you have it. A DIY window insulation solution for your drafty windows. One of the best ways to tackle this project is to get a film kit that will come with everything you need to address a drafty window and cut down on cold drafts.

This kit did not require using a hair dryer to shrink but some will, so keep that in mind.

It’s a practical, cost-effective way to make your home more comfortable while keeping those energy bills in check.

These kits are also helpful if you do not want heavy thermal curtains

Local hardware stores or Home Depot carry insulation kits but you can also easily order online at Amazon on of these insulation kits.

Your windows and wallet will thank you especially if purchasing new energy-efficient windows is not an option.

Duck Heavy Duty window kit insulation , white trim window

DIY Window Insulation For Winter

I have never used a window insulation kit before and I was very impressed with how easy the product was to use. If you are on a tight budget and looking for cost effective ways to save on your utility bills, then consider these tips and window insulation film.

The Duck shrink film is crystal clear allowing great visibility. Adding a layer of bubble wrap but I am not a fan as it’s difficult to see out the window.

Another idea if you have large gaps between the window frame and your window, purchasing a can of spray foam insulation to fill in the gaps is a good option.

I can remember as a kid, my grandfather cutting big clear plastic trash bags and taping them over his windows in the basement to keep the cold draft to a minimum.

I remember trying to look out the window and couldn’t see a thing! Technology and products have come a long way since 40 years ago and I am sure my grandfather would have loved a product like this!

As you can see below, the the film is crystal clear!

The Duck Heavy Duty Window Kit is also pet friendly.

black cat on white window sill, Duck insulation window kit

Do you guys remember my grandfather’s cat, Baby? She approves!

When my grandfather had to go live at the nursing home prior to passing away, we of course kept Baby. She is doing great and you wouldn’t know it but she did lose 5 lbs. She is so big!

One thing I was curious about was whether or not it would leave a residue once removed. I was pleasantly surprised at how easy it came off and there was no residue. This was by far the quickest way to cut down on the draft.

If purchasing new windows is not in your budget, this DIY window insulation project is a cheaper alternative!

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  1. My HVAC guy recommended either replacing my windows or sealing them.. so glad I found your blog! This how-to saved my butt!! My home feels warmer now, and hopefully, I can see a change in my bills, thanks <33

  2. will this help with condensation on the inside of my windows?

    1. Hmm I’m not sure? Are your windows double pain or single? Older, single pane windows can get fog or condensation.

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