Playroom + Study Room Mood Board Update

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Today I wanted to share with you our playroom/study room mood board that my friend Darlene at Fieldstone Hill Design put together for me. Many times  when we decide (I decide) to do a project in our home, I need my dads help. This mood board has been perfect because now I can show him an idea of how the room will look.  Our progress in this room has been moving along very slow. In fact, Darlene is probably excited I’m finally sharing her mood board. ha! The weather has not been cooperating and it’s difficult to setup the power tools and saw horses outside for the table saw.

I recently shared the playroom below which has since been emptied. We have decided to reface the fireplace with pine and cover the vents and build custom built-in’s around the fireplace.

Study Room Mood Board Update

Darlene shows you below in her mood board how this will look. I am a visual person and I love how the mood board helps me see the finished project.  When I shared this room in January with you, I talked about my overall goal for this room to be a functioning, stylish and comfortable study. A room where I can blog, a place for my son’s toys (behind doors), a study area for homework and essentially, another TV room.

playroom + study mood board progress

Fieldstone Hill Design

You can see she added built-ins around the fireplace as well as refaced the fireplace. The side wall has more built-in’s with barn doors to hide the television when not in use. Lots of closed door built-in’s. We have some serious work to do!  I love this mood board that Darlene put together, in fact, it’s giving me the push I need to get started. I think my favorite part of the board is the fireplace wall. How about you, do you have a favorite?

Hope you all have a great weekend.

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  1. OH you ladies! I LOVE it; the whole room is my favorite!! That work is going to pay off!
    Have a great weekend! ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. CarolAnne says:

    I’m a window person so I’d prefer the seating to have a window view. I’d put the TV above the fireplace (still w/the doors to conceal) linking the bookcasesw, and the sofa along the wall. Maybe window seat storage along the window wall. Love the colors.

    1. Hi, yes, putting the tv above the fireplace is an option I’m toying with. The problem is it’s a bit high but I may give it a try. Thanks for stopping by!

  3. How exciting! I love all the elements she incorporated in the mood board! Yes, the fireplace wall is my favorite part too, It’s going to be stunning!

  4. I love the cheerful colors and yes – the fireplace wall! I can’t wait to see your built ins!

  5. I love this mood board! It could easily pass for a kid-friendly living room. Meaning it’s sophisticated yet still playful. Your friend has a true talent! Can’t wait to see how the room unfolds.

  6. I agree with the person who suggested having the couch face the windows, since that’s such a nice wall of windows. Either that or have the couch face the fireplace, so that you can still see out of the window. Also, I hope you keep that couch. It looks like it belongs in a study, since it’s leather. We have our TV above the fireplace with a built in look, as in framing around it that matches the mantle, and I’ve never been bothered about the height, but it does depend on how big your room is and how far away your seating is from the TV. In any case, I’m sure the room will turn out great, because your projects always do!

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