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Our recycled DIY Planter

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Do you have left over toddler furniture that you paid an arm and a leg for but your children have outgrown it? We do! One being the toddler chairs and table from the Pottery Barn kids collection. I probably could have put it on the front lawn with a for sale sign and gotten a few bucks for it but I decided to create a recycled DIY planter out of one of the chairs instead. It actually looks beautiful in our front foyer featuring the white Bacopa plant I recently purchased at our local nursery.

recycled diy planter

The chair is originally from the Pottery Barn honey collection. I decided to spray paint it candy apple red to bring out the white flowers. This was a very simple project and it took about 15 minutes.  Start with your chair and find an outdoor planter that you would like to use.

diy chair planter

Turn the planter upside down on the chair and trace the edge with a pencil.

diy chair planter

Once you have your circle, drill two pilot holes. This will allow a starting point when you use your jigsaw to cut out the circle.

diy chair planter

I used a 1/2 inch drill bit to drill two pilot holes.

diy chair planter

Drill your first pilot hole.

diy chair planter

Drill your second pilot hole.

diy chair planter

Be sure that you have a sharp newer blade in your jig saw to ensure a clean edge. I cut in 1 inch from the inside of the circle so the planter doesn’t fall through the hole. If you are not comfortable doing that, simply cut directly on the pencil mark and use a larger planter to place in the hole.

diy chair planter

Follow around the inside of the circle with your jig saw to cut out the middle.

diy chair planter

I used a sanding block to sand down the rough edges and smooth it out. This is covered by your plant holder but it’s always nice to have a smooth edge!

diy chair planter

Place your planter inside the chair and you now have a recycled chair planter.

diy chair planter

diy planter

I took a few pictures outside in the flower beds for fun but our new DIY planter will live in our foyer. I suppose if you were going to leave it outside on a porch or patio you could spray with with an all purpose weather sealer but I am not confident this type of wood would last in the outdoor elements even if it was treated. If you are leaving your plant inside, you will need to place something underneath to catch the water or purchase a planter with a water catcher attached. So what do you think, do you have any old furniture that you could recycle and transform into a DIY planter?

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  1. I love the pop of red. Such a creative idea to use a mini chair as an indoor planter.

  2. What is the name of the plant you put in it – the combination is great!