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My DIY Wooden Chair Planter Idea

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Today I am sharing how to transform an old wooden toddler chair from Pottery Barn into a unique and eye-catching planter for your porch. This DIY project is an eco-friendly, innovative, and stylish way to upcycle a piece of furniture and give it a second life.

This simple project only takes about 15 minutes. Begin by selecting an outdoor planter of your choice to pair with the chair.

Chair Planter Idea

This is an old toddler chair from when my son was little and for some reason I was attached to it.

Rediscover the sentimental value of an old toddler chair as a captivating upcycled planter. Inspired by thrifty ideas, I transformed this chair into a beautifulm vibrant candy apple red flower planter.

diy chair planter


  • Wooden chair
  • Drill
  • Drill bit
  • Jig saw
  • Sandpaper
  • Spray paint (color of your choice)
  • Wood sealer
  • Paintbrush
  • Soil
  • Potted plant

Step-by-step instructions:

Clean The Chair

Wipe down the chair with a damp cloth to remove dirt and debris. If the chair has any loose or chipped paint, sand it down with sandpaper until the surface is smooth.

diy chair planter

Paint the chair

Choose a spray paint color that complements your porch or garden decor. Spray paint the entire chair, giving it an even coat. Allow the paint to dry completely; this may take several hours.

Seal the wood

If you chair will be outside, apply a coat of wood sealer to the chair with a paintbrush. This will protect the chair from water damage and help prolong its life as a planter. Allow the sealer to dry.

Trace Planter Hole On Seat Of Chair

Turn the flower pot upside down on the chair and trace the edge with a pencil.

diy chair planter

Once you have your circle, drill two pilot holes. This will allow a starting point when you use your jigsaw to cut out the circle.

diy chair planter

Drill 2 Pilot Holes In Seat Of Wooden Chair

I used a 1/2 inch drill bit to drill two pilot holes.

diy chair planter
  1. Drill your first pilot hole.
diy chair planter

2. Drill your second pilot hole.

diy chair planter

Cut Out Hole With a Jig Saw

Be sure that you have a sharp newer blade in your jig saw to ensure a clean edge.

I cut in 1 inch from the inside of the circle so the planter doesn’t fall through the hole. If you are not comfortable doing that, simply cut directly on the pencil mark and use a larger planter to place in the hole.

diy chair planter

Follow around the inside of the circle with your jig saw to cut out the middle.

diy chair planter

Sand Cut Edges With Sandpaper

I used a sanding block to sand down the rough edges and smooth it out. This is covered by your plant holder but it’s always nice to have a smooth edge!

diy chair planter

Isn’t this the cutest flower planter ever?

Chair Planting Tip

Be sure to place a plate or water catcher under the plant if placing your upcycled planter indoors.

Place The Planter

Position your new chair planter on your porch or in your garden where it will receive the appropriate amount of sunlight for the chosen plants

diy planter

5 Ways To Use A Chair As A Planter

  1. Chair with flowers
  2. Upcycled Chair Planter with herbs
  3. Succulent Chair Planter
  4. Chair with vegetables
  5. Combination of trailing plants and colorful blooms

This DIY chair planter project is not only a creative and stylish way to upcycle an old piece of furniture or thrift store find, but it’s also a great conversation starter for guests.

recycled diy planter

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  1. I love the pop of red. Such a creative idea to use a mini chair as an indoor planter.

  2. What is the name of the plant you put in it – the combination is great!

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