Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

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Can someone please send some Spring weather to us here in Massachusetts? Here’s to hoping we have seen the last of the snow. At this point, I would love to just feel what 40 and 50 degrees feels like!-ha. Just stopping in really quick to update on our ponies. Some of you have emailed asking where they went when we moved and if they would be at the new house. Our Haflinger ponies are enjoying their new digs nearby at a really nice stable where they have tons of room to roam and they have even made 2 new friends!

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

Our ponies are Haflingers and have been together since they were 1 week old! They share the same father, just different mothers. They are now almost 28 years old and have never been separated. Isn’t that amazing? We bought them over 15 years ago from an Amish family in Ohio where they were work ponies on a huge farm. They were being sold due to their age as they tend to retire work ponies around age 11.

My mom and I bought the pair and had them shipped across country and they have been with us ever since. 

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs – Beautiful Stables

We have decided that they will live out the rest of their years nearby at a beautiful stable with lots of open fields. The cost to build a new barn, clear acreage and put up fencing at our new house would be very expensive and due to their age, they would need to live another 25+ years to even make back the money vs boarding fees. 

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

It’s cheaper to just board them. My mom is the one who has the passion for caring for the ponies. They are her hobby that keeps her going! She loves to visit them daily, brush them and bring them treats. 

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

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I grew up riding and showing Arabian horses all over the country and that passion for me started when I was 8 years old when my grandfather got me my first pony.

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs

Our Haflinger Ponies are Enjoying their New Digs – TBT Patches

Yep, that’s me on my pony Patches. I remember when my grandfather told me he was getting me this pony. I almost died! I couldn’t believe I was going to have my very own pony. My grandfather started an insane whirlwind experience for me at age 8 that carried me through my elementary, middle and high school years. I started taking riding lessons and competing at small local 4-H shows and later on spent my middle and high school years competing on a National Level across the Country. It was without a doubt one of the best experiences of my life. The Equestrian Sport taught me how to compete with dignity and respect. It taught me so many life lessons in hard work and to never give up. To go for your dreams and never accept the word, no. 

When I graduated high school, I decided to stop showing as I couldn’t take weeks off at a time to head to horse shows. College and my studies had to come first.  My mom kept our show horse (she grew up with horses too) and never lost the horse “bug.” I moved on from College, started a career and then had a family.

Since my horse days ended, my mom and has managed to acquire a few more ponies to had to her collection. -ha. While some have passed on, these two guys remain with us and are in retirement mode with my mom. Well she hasn’t retired yet but I suspect that day is coming soon.  While I still love the horses, I do not have the time to dedicate to them nor the funds. Something happens when you have kids, they suck up all your money! -ha.  They are my mom’s passion and are what keeps her young. My dad always says, “you know Con, you could have a brand new Mercedes every year for what these guys cost.” Her response is, “I would much rather have my ponies!” 

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  1. Vicki Bucy says:

    I too have been a lifelong horse lover and totally understand your mom’s addiction. We have my husband’s retired TWH police horse, a Halfie cross pony (who also came from the Amish) and a rescue donkey. I am 64 with 4 back surgeries behind me so I can’t ride anymore. I have come to love driving and Frank (the pony) and I go everywhere on the farm. It is a connection with my younger self that I just love. Also, ponies are a lot easier to care for and keep their stalls clean. You go Mom.

    1. That is so great you have the animals 🙂 My mom always says they keep her young. She is 68 years old and doesn’t ride either but loves taking care of them.

  2. Beautiful! What a beautiful story and how great for your mom! Blessings to you and your family.

  3. Anonymous says:

    Loved reading today’s blog. The photos are so pretty and they reminded me horses I used to have who are, sadly, gone now. I understand your Mom’s passion for the ponies. I loved just brushing them and talking to them…..didn’t need to be riding them. I loved the smell of leather, etc. and for some strange reason I didn’t even mind cleaning their stalls. LOL Please share more photos with your Mom and the ponies in the future.

    1. My mom doesn’t ride either. He just loves to feed them apples, brush them and talk to them. -ha.

  4. mickie mclaughlin says:

    Love today’s blog. Brought back wonderful memories with my Morgan horses. I understand your Mom’s love of the ponies. I even enjoyed cleaning the stalls. LOL Loved the smell of oats and leather. Pls post more photos of your Mom and the ponies.

    1. I always loved a clean barn too. When I had the time , I enjoyed making it spit shine! ha.

  5. Diana Batchelder says:

    Great story Jessica,we will always have good memories at the show,s we went too and hats off to your mom

  6. The BEST STORY I have heard in a long time !! I have a DEEP PASSION for horses and you were a VERY LUCKY girl to have that beautiful pony ! I believe that your life with these truly beautiful creatures shaped your spirit and soul !! I too have a passion for farm animals and all animals but especially horses ! They are a wonderful gift from God !! I am very blessed to have finally have my dreams come true ! After many years and now retired we have our farm with horses goats chickens ! Our beautiful cat and two sister dogs and a darling paint mini horse too ! What a blessed life ! we worked at this dream for many years and now hubby and I are living it !!! Love those ponies ! They are beautiful and so lucky to have such a wonderful environment and a GREAT MOM to love on them daily ! All animals should be so lucky !take care ! Cindy

    1. That is SOOOOOO awesome you have all your animals now 🙂 I love that! Yes my mom would have goats, chickens and horses in the backyard too if she could. -ha. She is enjoying though visiting them just down the street . They have a great pasture to roam in so they are very happy .

  7. Audrey Johnson says:

    They are beautiful. Props to you for taking on the expense when you may not always reap the reward of horse ownership. It’s great to see horse lovers who are committed to what is best for the horse. Thanks for sharing.

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