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With school just around the corner, I wanted to chat a little about organizing tips for kids.  There is nothing I love more than starting off the year right with everything in its place and dreams of perfect routines dancing in my head.  Now I know that isn’t what reality will be, but these are some great tips to get you on your way. Hopefully, these will bring a little more peace to your day and a little less chaos in your home.

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Let’s see those great tips…


I think it all begins with a good planner.  Find something that works well for your family.  You may love a good paper calendar like this one from Minted. (affiliate link) If paper isn’t your thing and you are completely digital, that’s okay, too.  Just get it all down. Get those academic calendars out and put the dates on your own planner. This will help you to be prepared for school holidays and not be the mom to forget picture day.  You also want to include after school activities and your own appointments and engagements.  Have everything in one place.  You may also want to get a planner for your child to keep up with their own tests, assignments and activities.

Gorgeous mudroom makeover

Have a good landing spot for backpacks, coats, and anything else your child might need each week. I have so enjoyed having our new and improved mudroom.  We have storage galore, but you don’t need a mudroom to have a good landing spot. You can just add a few hooks by the door for storage.


Create a routine that is age appropriate for your child.  Split it up between morning and night and come up with a list.  I love how the Crafting Chicks have their routines as a checklist for each child. So smart!


Create an organization system for your children’s clothing. I love this idea from Here Comes the Sun. An outfit for each day of the week has its own spot. You can find a similar hanging organizer  (affiliate link) and make simple days of the week tags with card stock.  If nothing else, have your child pick out their outfit before they go to bed.  This will save big headaches in the morning.


I love these ideas from Making Lemonade for keeping all of your children’s clothing organized. She has some great words of wisdom here for keeping those clothes in order.


Help keep your child’s backpack organized with these great tips from Men Clean.com. Going through your child’s backpack each day will keep it tidy and you won’t miss any handouts or important information.  Have that backpack ready to go the night before so you aren’t running around looking for notebooks or homework during the morning.


Speaking of homework, carve out a space in your home for your child to do their homework.  I love this study area from Finding Home Farms.  It has storage, supplies, and plenty of workspace for your child to study and get their work accomplished.

How to create a Back to school peg board organization wall

Keep plenty of school supplies on hand to avoid running out. We use our peg board organization all the time for pencils, highlighters, crayons, markers, you name it!  I’m always glad that everything has a place and we aren’t looking all over the house for a pair of kids scissors.


I love this storage system that Simply Kierste uses for each of her kids.  This will help you keep all of the important papers from the school year all in one place.  Very handy for report cards, photos, special artwork and test scores.


Create a school lunch station and making lunches will be a breeze.  Uncommon Designs has a fabulous system set up where everything has it’s place and there is a cork board attached to the cabinet door where the school lunch menu stays and when they will eat lunch at school has been circled. Great idea!


The Dating Divas has comprised a list of over 100 school lunch ideas.  These are great… I really struggle with changing things up and there are some really great ideas here.


Every family has their own definition of what is enough screen time, but I thought you guys might like some of these suggestions for managing screen time by Boston Mamas.


Finally, check out this post for Back to School Organization for more great tips for kids organization!

I am always open to organizing tips for kids so please tell me your ideas below in the comment section. I hope this article was helpful and will have you ready to face the school year with a few tricks up your sleeve to stay organized! Enjoy the peace!








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  1. I’ve always wanted a way to organize our backpacks! Right now, they’re just on the floor in the dining room. My daughter has a clothes organizer on the back of her door to help organize her things for the week. I also wish my youngest son had a place to do his homework. He just does it on the great room table. Thanks for sharing all these tips.

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