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Do you ever try to think in your head how you want things to look but can’t seem to get it just right? For me, when I am doing a makeover, I usually search the internet and pinterest for ideas but it also helps to put the idea on paper. Yes, I am guilty of drawing little rooms on paper in an effort to come up with the perfect seating arrangement. I also like to play around with mood boards too. I kind of wing it on photoshop and haven’t quite mastered the art of mood boards and collages on photoshop but I am trying. This particular inspiration board that I created for our recent family room summer makeover was done on Olioboard. It’s a free program that allows you to click and drag (also upload) images to a board.

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Here is our family room inspiration board that I created.

Family Room Mood Board

Here is the room after the makeover.

Summer Living Room Makeover

Some of you emailed me asking how I chose my rug and pillows. I didn’t really have a method for choosing but I will tell you that because our gorgeous couch from Wayfair was a really light neutral color and the existing berber wall to wall carpet was light, I felt like the room needed a pop of color. A bold statement piece that would help anchor the seating area. The dark blue temple rug from Dash & Albert did just that.

Living Room Summer Makeover

As for the pillows, I have kind of a hoarding problem with pillows (I am obsessed with throw pillows) so I chose pillow covers from Wayfair. Yes, pillow covers are my new obsession. We don’t have a lot of storage and don’t tell anyone but I have an entire closet filled with pillows. I recently decided that unless I want to donate or dispose of existing pillows, I needed to invest in pillow covers. They are easy to store and take up WAY LESS room. Smart right?

Living Room Summer Makeover

I love the color combination of blue, gold and aqua so I found a bunch of pillow covers from Wayfair and picked a few that I thought coordinated nicely together.

Living Room Summer Makeover

I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall art piece as the bold black looks great against the neutral couch. Black frames or black chalkboard wall art go with just about any design. The industrial metal console isn’t a true black color but it’s pretty close and it seemed kind of lost in the room so the pop of black on the adjacent wall, seemed to help balance out the room.

Living Room Summer Makeover

Love the look of this room? I have put together a gallery of the same or similar items below and you can shop this look for your own home. These are affiliate links so if you do buy something, we will make a few pennies. Thank you in advance :).

Hopefully that answers a few of your questions on our summer family room makeover. I am happy to answer more if you want to leave them in the comments below. Creating an inspiration board is also fun and helps bring the project to life visually. Give it a try, it’s kind of addicting :). PS. The rug in my room can be found here on the Dash & Albert site.


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  1. THis is a great idea . I have never thought of trying that. Looks like fun and I’ll give a try

  2. Room looks fabulous and live the couch

  3. Antonella G says:

    I always love how your family room looks. It’s so cozy! Love the new furniture and rug .

  4. What a fun way to get organized to redecorate! Seeing everything together is so helpful!

    1. Thanks Brenda, it’s kind of fun to play around with the board and then see it come to life 🙂

  5. The couch looks stunning and I love that it’s so neutral. Makes things each to change out decor in during the different seasons.

  6. I need to make an inspiration board for our home we’re going to buy next year. I’m excited to get started so might as well start now 😀 Your room is gorgeous!

  7. What a lovely room– the couch and rug are my faves. What app did you use to make the inspiration board?

  8. OMG – I absolutely LOVE this room! How fun to see your inspiration board come to life! Now will you come over and redo my living room? 😉

  9. wow! Love this room. hopefully the board is easy to use and I’ll give it a go. I absolutely need help to make my sparse living room look cosy like yours 🙂
    Dianne – Sydney

  10. Tanya m Harville says:

    Love the entire room! What color of white is used on the board and batten/trim? Stunning!

    1. Hi, I used Pure White (Sherwin-Williams on lower part of wall) and Extra White (Sherwin-Williams) for trim 🙂

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