That is Your New Mother: Nursing Home Diaries

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My grandfather is very funny lately. I mean, it’s not funny that his brain is so mixed up but I (and the rest of the family) can’t help but laugh at some of the thing that come out of his mouth. “That is Your New Mother” is the latest and greatest episode of Nursing Home Diaries. Although, I guess it’s part of “Dementia Diaries” too. -ha. I started Dementia Diaries back when my grandfather was diagnosed to keep a journal of all the funny and not so funny moments and started the “Nursing Home Diaries” when my gram started living at the Nursing Home with my grandfather last Summer. I suppose they all blend into on “Diary” now that my gram is gone and my grandfather lives at the Nursing Home full time.  

Watch the Video Below of us using fun filters with my grandfather this weekend.



Just a quick story about my grandfather this weekend. He has been all over the place lately with his thoughts. He continually thinks he is working in the fields (he was a farmer for 50 years) on his tractor and always says he is exhausted from a full days work. (Did you see my latest post on “finding the blessing in Dementia?” ) This past weekend my son and I joined him for lunch in the dining room at the Nursing Home (my aunt was there too) and he was in good spirits. Very on the ball (although he thought he worked that morning in the field), had great humor and very witty. 

I love this picture of us last winter on the way to one of his doctor appointments prior to living in at the Nursing Home. 

One of the young nurses joined us briefly to give him his meds and he introduced all of us to her. He forgets we know her well. -ha.

As she turns and leaves, he looks right at me and says, “Jessie, that is going to be your new mother.” 

My 11 year old son raised his right eye brow and just stared at him with a funny look.

My aunt (my grandfather’s daughter) busted out with a laugh and just stared at him.

I paused and said, “What? you mean my new grandmother?”

He said in all seriousness, “yep, we are getting married.” 

I paused again holding back my laughter and said, “does she know this? (meaning the nurse)”

He said, “well not yet, I am working on it but we are close.” 

Can I just tell you that is one of the funniest things (besides asking the entire families permission a month ago to get remarried) he has done in a while. He was so happy and so excited that day because he thinks the young nurse is going to marry him.


So that’s it for today. A quick diary entry for down the road, when we all look back and share our stories about my grandfather. It’s important to find the humor in your loved ones disease. For me, that is the only way to cope and manage with his ever changing behaviors. You have to find the blessing in every visit.  That is Your New Mother, will go down as one of the best memories ever that we are all still giggling about. My cute gramps, he makes me laugh ;). 



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  1. Anonymous says:

    What wonderful memories you are building in this new Chapter in your life, and your Grandfathers! We need the laughs to keep us sane. Love you all!. Jacquelyn hugs

  2. Que bello … Disfruta cada momento y más así que con solo recordar te ríes… ????

  3. You brightened my day! So good to have those memories to hold onto! Thank you for sharing–and I hope you enjoy your new mother!!! wink wink!

  4. It also must feel so good to you, when you see your GrandPa so happy in his world! That too is such a blessing. I love the “not yet, I’m working on it”, which in my mind requires memory and a sequential thought process. So happy you get these wonderful moments with him that will last forever!

  5. He really made me laugh! Humor is our best friend. Hugs,

  6. That is funny! She must be a great nurse that does a good job taking care of him. I also thought the video was funny when he was asking how are you , and said, me, I have something on my nose! Thanks for sharing and bringing a little joy and laughter into my life. I appreciate that you’re willing to share what you’re going through. I’m sure it helps others going through the same thing to remember to look for these funny moments too.

    1. haha yes isn’t it funny Brenda! He loves when I do the videos with him. Technology just amazes him.

  7. Thank you so much for sharing this. I’m trying so hard to find good moments, lately. Our multi generational household has been hit hard with illness and my beloved stepfather entering hospice here at home. (Thank goodness I live across the hall and my sister lives at the other end of the hall!
    Keeping all of you in my prayers and close to my heart.

  8. Juanita in OH says:

    Oh my goodness! He is too funny, his thoughts remind me of a child when they say things , from out of no where. I do appreciate you taking the time to share theses moments with us, they are good for the soul. God bless you all. TFS

    1. Thank you and yes, some of the stuff he says remind me of my 11 year old. It’s amazing how the brain reverts back to almost like being a kid again.

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