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How to make a school locker at home: Organization 101

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Today I am sharing how to make a school locker at home. Last year when my son started 5th grade, I decided that we needed to organize where he kept his school coats, backpack and school papers. If you have kids in school, you know they come home with a ridiculous amount of paper. I needed spot for all the “to-do” items along with important dates to be kept where I could always find them.

How to make a school locker at home

Organize a Drawer or Closet for School Stuff 

Prior to this “school locker at home,” everything was all over the place and I could never find what I needed. 

How to make a school locker at home

Additional storage items behind closed doors

A few months back I shared this idea on the HomeGoods blog and recently realized, I never shared it here with you. What I love about the additional storage items behind closed doors is, everything has a home. I keep the important calendars and school paperwork on the hanging file holder on the door and the basket inside is for extra school supplies. 3M double sided tape works great for hanging items that you do not want to put screw or nails holes in. This is how I fastened the metal hanging filing rack to the door. 

How to Make A School Locker At Home 

How to make a school locker at home

I always loved to decorate my locker at school when I was a kid and this organizational project reminded me of that when I was a kid. My son camehome and said, “mom, what is going on in my locker?” -ha 

How to make a school locker at home

This idea could also be used in a coat closet. We added this mudroom wall unit when we renovated our kitchen 2 summers ago.

If you organizing a coat closet

the hanging filing system works great for papers you need quick access to. I found all of the baskets and hanging filing bins at HomeGoods and did this entire organization project for under $100. I added a couple new throw pillows to the bench along with a floor runner to help define the space. 

How to make a school locker at home

Looking back at these pictures, I am longing for our fresh blooming hydrangea shrubs.

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It’s a rainy wet cold day here in Massachusetts and boy, I can’t wait for Spring to get here. Hopefully you are inspired to create school locker at home. I am wrapping a project today for a client and hoping to have more information soon about the sale of our house. Lets just say, it’s been a rollercoaster. It’s never easy to buy and sell at the same time but hopefully this week, things will be heading in a positive direction. Stay tuned……

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  1. I have a 5th grader and 2 in college and their backpacks are just on the dining room floor. It would be really nice to have a place for them to keep their school things! We don’t have a mudroom, but we do have a small entryway though. Maybe we could make something like what you have work in that space. Thanks for the idea.

  2. These are great hideaway tricks!

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