5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

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I How many of you have a garage door opener? How many of you wish you just had a garage to put  your care in? Today we are sharing 5 Things To Know about Your Garage Door Opener. I am one of those who wishes she had a garage to park in, especially when it’s below and a snow storm outside. As many of you know, we are a multigenerational family all living under one roof and my mom gets the garage space, as she should :). Someday though, I hope I have that luxury! As part of our brand partnership with Sears Parts Direct, we are offering up 5 very important things you need to know to maintain safety of your garage door and the importance of recognizing issues before the issues actually break your door. 

5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

When the kids were younger, the garage door always freaked me out because I was afraid the door would fall on them. I remember having a tremendous amount of anxiety when the kids would be in the garage. I can remember like it was yesterday, telling them to always wait until the door was fully opened and stopped moving before walking outside. I know they thought I was crazy (they still do -ha) but I couldn’t help it, it made me nervous. Your garage door is one of the largest moving parts in your house and if it’s not maintained properly, it won’t work. There is nothing more frustrating than an enormous door that prevents you from getting inside or outside your garage. Imagine being late for work and you are trying to leave and your garage door won’t open? That would make for a very bad start to the day! -ha. Check out this article on how to open your garage door manually

5 Things To Know About your Garage Door Opener 

#1 How to Open your Garage Door Manually

#2 How to Install a Sensor Safety Kit 

#3 How to Install and Reprogram Your Garage Door Opener 

#4 How to Maintain and Do Regular Maintenance

#5 How to Test Your Garage Door to Ensure Safety 

5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

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One of the biggest issues I have had in the past is when the garage door opener needs to be re-programed. They have these amazing remotes that you can use from your car that allow you to open and close the garage door. BUT what happens if they need to be re-programed? This video is perfect and shows you exactly how to program your garage door remote opener

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5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener


There is a Garage Door Opener Safety Kit that you can get on the Sears Parts Direct site and it looks really good! It’s only $33 and we have sensors on our garage door. Such a small amount of money to be safe. You can also view these door safety tips to test your garage door to ensure it’s working properly. 


5 Things To Know About Your Garage Door Opener

5 Things To know About Your Garage Door Opener

The articles and videos from Sears PartsDirect can help you keep your garage door opener operating smoothly and safely. I found the door opener repair help page to be beneficial featuring tips and advice as well as step- by-step repair guides to keep your garage door opener moving the direction
you want it to. I know from experience (we have a safety feature kit on our garage door) that if the sensors get bumped, your door light will flash and the door will not move. I found this post to be especially informative as I am a safety nut! -ha. I had no idea how to test my door to ensure that is was safe and I also liked the video on how to program your remote. You can find more of our Sears Parts Direct “How To” posts by checking our our 3 Reasons to Change your Air Filters post, Is Your Kitchen ready for Christmas (Maintaining Appliances) post and our Thank Goodness for Our Snowblower   post. 

Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Sears Parts Direct. All opinions and Words are 100% my Own. 

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