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Melted Crayon Art {tutorial}

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Would you believe me if I told you I had never heard of melted crayon art? Seriously. A couple weeks ago my step daughter’s were here for April vacation and they said, “how about we make a piece of artwork for the study with melted crayons.” So they looked around on pinterest and decided on making a heart. Who would have ever thought that crayons and a blow dryer would go hand-in-hand!

melted crayon art {tutorial} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

To start, purchase a white foam board (any size you want) and crayons. We used low heat hot glue to fasten the crayons.

melted crayon art {tutorial} www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com

We drew a heart on the foam board and then added the glue to the foam board. We found it easiest to just place the crayons on the glue/board instead of glueing each individual crayon. You can either alternate colors or group colors together. Anything goes!

melted crayon art-2

I recommend adding just enough glue for 10 crayons at a time.

melted crayon art-3

So cute, right?

melted crayon art-4

Now for the fun part. Get your blow dryer out and blow the heat on the tips of the crayons.

melted crayon art-5

It takes about 20 seconds or so for them to start melting and watch out once they do, the colors start spraying everywhere! We used two blow dryers so we wouldn’t over heat them. Use one for about 5 minutes and then alternate to the other, giving the other blow dryer a break.

melted crayon art-6

Tip the board and angle the blow dryer, you will be able to create all kinds of fun spray patterns. I highly recommend using a towel or drop cloth to cover your work surface. It’s a bit of a messy project once the melted crayons start flying! ha

melted crayon art tutorial www.fourgenerationsoneroof.com This took about one hour to get the crayons melted and colors spread.

melted crayon art

I used a command strip to hang our new melted crayon art in the kids study and it fits right in with our DIY orange ombre wall art that I shared last week. There are hundreds, if not thousands of melted crayon art all over the internet. You can do this technique with any shape, it’s really fun!

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  1. Do the crayons stay like this on the board? Nice but expensive using so many crayons
    for one artwork?When I was a child we melted painted crayons just i roning a folded paper symmetrical.

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