Our master bedroom nightmare closet

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I hope you all had a great Easter! We enjoyed brunch at a local restaurant and then spent the afternoon outside soaking up the sun! Our master bedroom closet is a nightmare and in need of some TLC. Now that the master bathroom is completed, the bedroom and closet are next on the list of things to do. This closet is not very big and unfortunately, is fairly narrow. While it does have a newer wire shelving unit installed, it’s not very functional.

master bedroom closet before-1

As you can see, the clothes and shoes are wreaking havoc in our closet! I swear, this is why I always am behind on laundry, I never have a place to put the clean clothes. There is something to say for proper clothes storage. Whether it be a closet organizer with shelves and cubbies or dressers large enough for bulky clothes, proper clothes storage is a necessity.

master bedroom closet before-1

I have no idea what I plan on doing with this closet to make it more functional but I do know that getting rid of 75% of the clothes will help! ha. I bagged up over 7 garbage bags full for the Salvation Army and disposed of the rest. I figured, if I haven’t worn it in two seasons, it needs to go away. I think I wear the same outfits every week, does anyone else do that? They always consist of the same couple pairs of yoga pants and favorite fitted t-shirt. Stay tuned to see what happens to our master bedroom. If you follow us on facebook, I posted this bedroom update of the empty room and my husband’s response 🙂 hehe.

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  1. Mine isn’t quite that bad, but I definitely want to better utilize the space we have to accommodate more storage solutions! I’m interested to see what you do, hopefully I’ll get some inspiration! 🙂

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