My grandfather……..is a piece of work

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Don’t get me wrong, I love my grandfather dearly and there isn’t anything I wouldn’t do for him but he is a piece of work. Literally. Never in a million years did I think I would be living with the man. My grandparents have their own space in the converted garage which makes it nice, because when you live with four generations, you all need your own space. Even if it is just one or two rooms to hide in!

Lets just say, I don’t do well with laundry and I made the mistake of telling him I had a bazillion loads to do. It’s the biggest thorn in my side and it’s always there. Even though we have this new laundry space, it still gets away from me!

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Many times I will hang out with my grandparents at night for a few minutes, just chatting and sharing what I do all day.  He hasn’t quite grasped the concept that our blog is now my full time job and creating and conquering DIY projects is a big part of that job. Many times I am on the computer writing blog posts and sharing our content on social media, returning emails and trying to stay organized. I guess that could look like doing nothing. My dad has even chimed in on occasion and said, “don’t you get sick of looking at that computer all day?”

My grandfather’s famous line, “kid, what do you do all day?”

my grandfather is a piece of work

“oh nothing”

If you follow us on instagram, you saw me post this a couple weeks ago. My grandfather didn’t even have electricity when he was growing up so I guess I cannot expect him to understand the world we live in these days with the internet, social media and electronics.

The gap between my grandparents generation and my generation is huge and then add in my son’s generation, well that is a completely different ball game. That story is for another day ;).

PS. he is recovering nicely from second hospital stay last week.  I told him, he better knock being sick because the good weather is almost here and he needs to start enjoying it! Oh, and don’t forget to enter the $100 Home Depot gift card giveaway, it’s still going on!

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  1. I love hearing your stories of how you do it with 4 generations in one house.. your grandpa sounds like a real character.

  2. Jessica,
    Often I read your blog and very envious of the opportunity you have living with your multigenerational family. But today I also see the frustration. When older generations growing up ” they got their work done” but times are different. Pace is hectic. I wish they could see the amount of organization and time you out into your blog. You connect, you encourage, you teach, you share. That all takes a lot of TIME. But is also the reason after my day ( working outside the home) I always take the time to scan/read two blogs and yours is one of them. So for whatever it’s worth , I truly look forward to your posts. :-)Enjoy the Spring weather and Happy Easter.

  3. I’ve missed hearing about your family-especially Gramps. So glad to have access again so I can keep in touch. I’m happy to hear he’s doing better now.

    Have a very Happy Mother’s Day!

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