Love Passion Herbal Tea

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Hot tea is a favorite drink in our house, especially in the Fall and Winter months. Whether it be a cup in the morning or a cup in the afternoon, we love it. My gram and I especially love hot tea and she has a cup every afternoon while she watches her soap opera’s. She loves to kick back, relax and have her tea where I am more on the go, running around like a crazy person drinking my tea. -ha. We were recently contacted by Tazo® Tea to try out some of their popular hot tea blends and while I do enjoy the Zen™ and Awake™ English Breakfast blends, Passion® is my favorite. An exuberant herbal infusion of hibiscus, orange peel, rose hips & passion fruit flavors makes up a fabulous cup of hot tea. I wasn’t sure at first when I bought it but once I tried it, I loved it.

Love Passion Herbal Tea

Are you familiar with Tazo? They focus their teas around taste and crafting blends that are delightful to the senses. Their teas are made with some of the finest quality leaves, spices and botanicals to create fun and delicious teas. Simply Sip Joyfully! I kind of like that :).

Love Passion Herbal Tea

No matter what I am doing during the day, it’s usually insanely busy and I am running in 10 different directions. I do look forward to a cup of tea regardless of what I am doing. Whether I am dropping off kids at school, gardening or hanging out with a friend, a hot cup of Passion Tazo Tea hits the spot. My husband thinks I’m nuts because I look forward to my tea but I guess it’s the little things in life that make me happy. -ha. I told him it could be worse. Tea is a pretty reasonable request :).

Love Passion Herbal Tea

I also love that the Tazo Passion tea is caffeine free which means my gram can drink as much as she wants. She can’t have caffeine so these teas are wonderful for her. Something about the beautiful aroma of the Tazo teas invigorate and create a lively feeling. You know when you are cooking a dinner and it smells so yummy, well these teas smell fabulous and create a beautiful smell. You can find Tazo Teas at your local grocery store in the tea aisle and be sure to try out their other flavors too. They have so many! You can find more information about the Tazo® Tea company on their website and social channels.

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  1. Juanita in OH says:

    I will definitely try the Passion tea, it sounds delightful. I am very happy that there is no caffeine. From one tea LOVER to another, TFS.

  2. I e never tried the Passion flavor but I’m a hot tea addict. I drink the Tazo iced green tea in a bottle and for hot tea I drink the Tazo Kombusha and The Republic of Tea double green Matcha tea. Then I finish everyday before bed with Celestial Seasonings Sleepy time. Three hot teas everyday. I told you I was a tea addict. Tazo is a good brand. It was one without all the pesticides like some of the brand names we have all used for years. Love your home and blog.

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