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Bathroom Closet Disaster {mini-makeover}

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Do you want to see a nightmare in our master bathroom? The closet is old, narrow and a disaster. You may remember last year, I shared our master bathroom makeover and many of you loved the hanging basket used for toilet paper. I have gotten more emails and comments about that crazy hanging basket.-ha. What I never showed though was the closet hiding behind the door. I have hated this closet since I was a kid. -haha. It’s narrow, dark and collects junk. Like a lot of junk. There are things in this closet that I hadn’t seen in years when I started cleaning it out. Unfortunately, we lack storage space in our house so everything gets crammed into tiny little closets. Needless to say, I have major closet envy when I see pictures of pretty new homes with gigantic closets. BUT, can’t dwell on what you don’t have, just make what you do have work, right?


I grabbed the biggest garbage bag I could find and threw out or donated 90% of everything in the closet, including the towels and sheets.  The towels were probably 5 years old and lets face it, towels get gross and nasty after a couple years of use. I try to donate old towels and blankets to our local vet but sometimes, they need to be thrown out.


After a fresh coat of white paint, the closet looked 10x better.


I removed the wooden shelves and painted them but decided once the paint was dry, I didn’t like how they looked in the closet. I wanted a little pizzaz in this crazy little closet so I picked up some heavy duty wrapping paper and covered the shelves.


Stay tuned, our little closet takes on a new life tomorrow when we share the mini closet/bathroom makeover. No more bathroom closet disaster 🙂 For more of our home projects, check out our new interior page. *update: You can see the after/reveal here.

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  1. Maybe your shelves are too deep so lots of things get lost? Could you put narrow hanging shelves on the inside of the door for all that small miscellany including the hairdryer. Just a thought.

    1. Yes! This closet could use a complete overhaul.-ha. That is a great idea to make shorter shelves and hang some items on the wall 🙂

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