Jazz up your kids lunch with this treat!

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We are trying something new this year. I am guilty of making the lunches with zero help from my son. I know, he should be able to help a little, right? Last year right before Christmas, my mom said, “the kid is going to be 20 years old and not know how to pack his own lunch!” I will probably be the mom that wants to move in with him and his wife and still make his lunch. haha. Just kidding. I am trying to involve my son with the lunch process before school so when Snack Pack asked if we would like to try out their pudding snacks featuring their newly redesigned lid making it easier for kids to open, I giggled to myself and said, YES! Nothing like a fun snack to help boost your eight year olds motivation in the lunch making department :).

Jazz up your kids lunch with snack pack


They sent me this adorable lunch box, Snack Pack puddings and coordinating silverware. Cute right? My son was so excited to help make his lunch all because of this lunch box and yummy chocolate pudding! Snack Pack®, is made with real nonfat milk and fortified with as much calcium as an 8-ounce glass of milk. All Snack Pack® products contain 30% DV calcium, with the exception of Bakery Shop Lemon Meringue Pie, Lemon Pudding, and Snack Pack Gels.

Jazz up your kids lunch with Snack Pack

I love that Snack Pack’s variety of flavors contain NO preservatives or high fructose corn syrup.

Jazz up your kids lunch with Snack Pack

Jazz up your kids lunch with Snack Pack

I know the time is coming where “mom’s notes” in the lunch box will not be well received but for now, he still likes them.

Jazz up your kids lunch with Snack Pack

Snack Pack also redesigned their lids making it easier for kids to open them. I won’t lie, nothing keeps my little man away from chocolate pudding. The lid easily lifts up and tears back super quick. So easy for kids to open! I was impressed with the ease of getting the pudding open, I was happy to see no struggle.

Jazz up your kids lunch with Snack Pack

I remember as a kid in school, watching the clock at school and anticipating lunch time. As a mom, I feel great about adding a Snack Pack treat to my son’s lunch. No high fructose corn syrup and no preservatives and the bonus, he loves it! That’s a win – win in my book ;). You can pick up your Snack Pack in the baking aisle as well as head over to Snack Pack for more information.

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  1. I use to love pudding packs! So nice to hear they updated the ingredients and packaging!

  2. one of my most favorite foods in the WORLD when I was a kid was the canned Hunt’s chocolate pudding. Needless to say I still love a Snack Pack, as do my kids! 🙂

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