Demolishing a wall inside the lake house + the lumber yard

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We all slept in this morning as we were up late celebrating the Patriots win last night. New England is a pretty happy place to be this morning. No school or work today in celebration of Martin Luther King day, so it worked out perfectly for a late night football game. Last week was a bit crazy and a little overwhelming but we made it. I am not usually a fan of working outside in 10 degree weather but sometimes ya just gotta do it!  Hoping to share more with you soon but what I can tell you is that it involved demolishing a wall and a quick trip to a local lumber yard. If you follow us on instagram and facebook, you saw me last week checking out this very scary old kitchen.  Many of you were in love with these cabinet doors. Sadly, they were not salvageable and needed to go. This house happens to be on a lake with a gorgeous view and my dad’s boss, Lou, bought it a couple months ago to either rehab or demolish. We are working on trying to rehab it but not sure what will happen. It’s a disaster! I personally think it would look great fixed up and then I could sell it for him but we’ll see what happens. You can read more about our workplace, Lou, my dad and me here.

demolishing a wall + getting organized

There is another kitchen on the other side of this wall and the goal is to demolish the entire inside of this home and open it up. It’s only about 800 square feet and all one floor. It was actually fun hitting the wall and breaking through with the sledgehammer. Although, my arms and back were not impressed the next day. It was very dark and these pictures are not the best but you can see how nasty it is. The rug….oh my.

demolishing a wall + getting organized

Here is the wall after we removed the cabinets.

demolishing a wall + getting organized

I’ll be back to share more pictures of the process soon. On another note, we have a really cool lumber yard close to our house and they have the best stuff! I am thinking about building a small coffee table with a fun reclaimed lumber piece as the top. Similar to what we used as the top on our media console.

demolishing a wall + getting organized

Look at these logs!

demolishing a wall + getting organized

I can totally see using two of these cut to 18″ high as the base of the table. Don’t you think that would look cool? Two log bases and a fabulous 2 inch piece of reclaimed lumber as the top. My husband thinks I have lost my mind and would prefer I just buy something but there is no fun in that, right?




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  1. Jamie Blair says:

    The log idea sounds awesome! I can almost visualize it…but I’m having a hard time getting the imagine of that shag rug out of my head!!!

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