Jasco Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plug in my Living Room

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Today I am sharing about the Enbrighten Wi-Fi Indoor & Outdoor Smart Plugs which have been the talk of my household for the last week! With the push of a button, the Enbrighten Wi-Fi Indoor & Outdoor Smart Plugs create a simplified life allowing you to set your lights and devices on a schedule using the Enbrighten app or voice control through Alexa or Google, set up different lighting routines and so much more.

Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs

jasco enbrighten Cafe LED Cafe Lights and smart switch
The Enbrighten App allows you to set up your devices and keep track of all your lights in one place. It was so simple to set up my living room lamp in the Enbrighten app.
white and navy striped push back recliner, black iron floor lamp, pumpkins on wood mantel

I found the Enbrighten app really easy to use and a few of the key features I found helpful were the scheduling ability. You can set up schedules within the app to help keep you on track. This is great if you are running late and don’t have time to turn the lights off before you leave..

jasco enbrighten phone app screen mini plug in switch

The app is called “Enbrighten” and you can find it in the app store for Apple or Android phones!

jasco enbrighten phone app screen mini plug in switch
Enbrighten Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Plugs
Use the Enbrighten Indoor Smart Plugs to control lamps, plug-in lighting, fans, and other small electronics like coffee makers, humidifiers, or hair straighteners.
This would be a great gift for a college student to use in their dorm (so they don’t forget to turn their straightener or curling irons off, etc)
Enbrighten Wi-Fi Indoor Smart Plugs next to white and blue stripped recliner

I also like the feature that allows you to set different schedules for weekdays vs. weekends. Our schedules are always different on the weekends so it’s nice to have your indoor lighting tailored during certain days of the week.

jasco lighting phone app screen

Group lights together into a single group to control multiple lights at once with the Enbrighten app or simply tell Alexa to “turn off the living room” to easily set the mood for movie night at home.

Jasco phone app screen
Enbrighten Wi-Fi Outdoor Smart Plugs

We love to use the Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plugs to automate and set schedules for plug-in string lights, landscape lights, seasonal décor, and other outdoor devices.

Outdoor jasco smart plug
Automatically have your outdoor patio lights turn on at sunset and off at midnight (or stay on all night until sunrise).

Simply plug in your lights to the Enbrighten Outdoor Smart Plug and set up your schedule.

Jasco enbrighten vintage strand bulbs over black fence
The outdoor vintage-style Enbrighten lights works well on my pool fence as the black cord blends in with the fence.
Jasco enbrighten vintage strand bulbs over black iron pool fence
If you are looking for lighting inspiration for the upcoming holiday season, check out our outdoor Christmas lights last year featuring Enbrighten lighting.

Asking  Alexa (or Google) to turn on the lamps, patio lights, or landscape lights is also a neat feature.

Enbrighten is my favorite trusted brand known for premium LED lights now these awesome smart home products and I love the fact that 50% of net proceeds are donated to charity. You can shop online here or find Enbrighten Wi-Fi Smart Plugs at Lowe’s Stores.

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