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How I Created a Teen Workspace in My Son’s Bedroom Thanks to Covid

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Never in a million years did I think I would be creating a long term teen workspace in my son’s bedroom back in March thanks to Covid. There isn’t enough character space on this blog to express my frustration with the current remote learning policies and procedures so I will refrain from getting too political about my opinion on this entire Covid pandemic. 

Before I get started, thank you for all the comments on our new sectional and living room 😀. 

Teenager workspace in the bedroom , tall freestanding desk against a wall

With that said, I did create a pretty fantastic teen workspace in my son’s bedroom and I am happy to say that 7 weeks into this crazy remote learning nonsense…..he is still using it! 

teen bedroom workspace, black and gold tall desk, built in cabinets, chair, wall calendar

Teenage Desks For Bedrooms

One of the biggest concerns I had when it came to creating a teenager workspace in My Son’s bedroom was putting an actual “desk” in the bedroom.

I was worried about my son spending too much time in his bedroom with the door closed but I came to the conclusion that it was the quietest, most functional space available in our house. 

teenager bedroom workspace, black and gold tall desk, built in cabinets, chair, wall calendar

The black and gold desk size was perfect for the short wall in his bedroom. I love the closed storage featuring swing doors and the pull out drawer option. 

I didn’t want a big bulky desk in the bedroom. I felt like a slim lined freestanding style desk with storage would take up less room and appear less cluttered. 

black and gold tall desk, cabinet doors, pull out drawer, wall calendar, storage baskets, pencil holder from Homegoods

Teen Bedroom Ideas for Remote Learning 

This gorgeous desk is from Homesense. When I was looking for desks a few weeks ago, there was a massive shortage. Jim and I were actually planning to make a floating desk for this wall because I couldn’t find a desk that would fit the space. We were planning to add shelves about the shelf/desk to utilize the wall space. 

BUT this desk randomly appeared at HomeSense and I quickly snagged it. 

black and gold tall desk, white pencil holder, black desk lamp, wall calendar dry erase

I picked up the black desk lamp, pencil holder, dry erase wall calendar and the storage baskets at both HomeGoods and HomeSense. 


storage baskets, tall freestanding desk, school supplies in desk cabinet, dry erase wall calendar

Teen Desk Ideas for a bedroom

The goal was pack in as much of my teen son’s school supplies as possible without make the space overwhelming. Remote learning is no joke! I cannot even begin to tell you the anxiety that this situation has caused with my son.

Finding a desk suitable for a boy was also not easy. For some reason, everything I was finding in stores was for a girl. 

dry erase wall calendar, good day wooden sign, desk lamp, pencil holder, storage baskets, school supplies

I think having his desk workspace tidy, organized and all in one spot has been a key factor in keeping him focused and in a routine. 

desk drawer filled with whiteout, post it notes, highlighters and erasers

Teenagers know everything. Right? – not.

When my teen son gets frustrated, he is mouthy, bossy and turns into this little monster that I want to strangle! Sometimes I look at him when he is in a “mood” and I’m like, where did that little baby boy go that let me dress him up cute and thought I knew it all? -ha 

fabric office chair, blue pillow, black and gold tall freestanding desk

Frustration levels seem to come and go with the new norm of remote learning. Our town actually started 1/2 hybrid 1/2 remote learning this week so fingers crossed, it continues. I think having a couple days of in school learning will help with the socialization aspect and the ability to “zoom in” to a live class on the “remote learning days” will be beneficial. 

teenager workspace in the bedroom, slim tall desk with storage

Creating a workspace in my son’s bedroom was a fun project and the best part, my son actually likes the desk.  His biggest concern when I told him I we were putting a desk in his bedroom was, “it better not be girly.” He specifically said, “don’t make it look like that ugly pink and gold office you created for yourself.” I told him many of his teen friends that are girls would love that space! I would love to hear your ideas about how to create a remote learning workspace for kids and if you have you created one in your home home, share them below!

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  1. Hey Jessica! Over here in Scotland we had around 14 weeks of remote learning so I feel your pain. Not easy when you have bright sociable teens in the house I know. Your space looks great though I had to do something similar for my daughter and it worked out well. Now she’s back at school and needs the space less it’s become a bit of a clutter zone tho I’m not gonna lie ???????? hope you return to some normal soon. Looks like we’re about to go into lockdown 2.0

    1. Hi!! It’s crazy what we are all going through ! I saw that on the news about a possible lockdown for you all ????‍♀️ Fingers crossed that doesn’t happen!! Thanks for your sweet comment ❤️

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