Handicap Accessible Bathroom {my grandparents}

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A couple weeks ago I was talking to my grandmother and she mentioned how difficult it can be to go to the bathroom or take a shower when she isn’t in her own home or at a place that isn’t handicap accessible. Unfortunately, she requires a walker and a wheelchair and has difficulty standing up from the sitting position. She is limited to which family and friends homes she can go to because their bathroom setup may not be conducive to her needs. It wasn’t until I started living with my grandparents a few years ago that I realized how being able stand up from a regular toilet was something I took for granted. My grandmother literally cannot stand up from the toilet without having a grab bar or someone help her up. I was recently contacted by Premier Care in Bathing, a leader in providing in-home premium bathroom equipment, products and accessories to make bathroom needs safe and enjoyable. After reviewing their site and researching their in-home consultation process, I knew I had to share their site with you. I had NO IDEA the amount of products available to my grandparents to help facilitate their bathing and bathroom needs. As many of you know, both of my grandparents are in their mid-80’s and their health is failing. Our main goal is to keep them home as long as possible and OUT of a assisted living facility. That means making sure we do everything possible to ease their bathing needs.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom {my grandparents}

One of the biggest problems my grandmother has right now is lifting her foot above the tub to get inside. I absolutely love the idea of the Premier Care in Bathing tub and shower units. There is an optional door for privacy and easy to reach spray hoses.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom {my grandparents}

Depending on your needs, there are also cool flip down seats and grab bars that can be installed too. The walk-in shower option would be perfect for my grandparents.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom {my grandparents}

My grandparents haven’t gotten to the point where they need help bathing and hopefully they never will. I remember when my other grandmother (my mom’s mom) lived with us a few years back and before she passed away, she needed help with all her bathroom needs. Helping her with her showers was so awkward at first and she was embarrassed and I kind of was too. BUT, we all got used to it and one of the items that we ended up installing for her was a sprayer hose that was easy to access so she could sit and bathe herself while I gave her some privacy. The goal is to let your loved one keep their dignity and let them have as much independence as possible. The Premier Care in Bathing Blue Spring walk-in tub system is their latest and in my opinion a rockstar of tubs. I would love this tub for me!

Check this out, it has the latest top-of-the-line safety, therapy and comfort benefits.


My grandparents would think they had died and gone to heaven with this amazing tub. Something like this would help with their arthritis, their sore legs and muscle ailments.

Handicap Accessible Bathroom {my grandparents}

Premier Care in Bathing offers in-home consultation which means they come to your home, assess your needs and work with the space you have. They offer installation and finance options as well. Whether you are looking for powered bathtub seats, grab bars, walk-in tub units or anything that is needed for your bathroom needs, Premier Care Bathing has it. I kid you not, I spent over an hour on their site showing my parents all the cool things available for my grandparents. Oh and in case you are wondering, they have a full design process as well to make the bathroom pretty! -ha. I love that they work with each family based on need and help you create a designer friendly bathroom.

*Disclosure: This post was sponsored by Premier Care in Bathing and I was compensated however all opinions and words are 100% my own.



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  1. May I make a comment based on our experience? After almost settling on a step-in upright bath I suddenly had a thought. We lived in NE all our lives and are now in Florida. Each has it’s season for using a full heat or air conditioning environment. Depending on the situation in a home it can take some time for the water to drain to a level where the door can be opened. Sitting and shivering in a room til you are free to dry off isn’t comfortable for anyone. There are options such as heat lamps above the unit, vents that operate on a different switch than the lights to mention only two. In the end we opted for a shower that Nana could walk into and sit then later accommodated a wheel chair. It’s all a personal choice, just adding a consideration. Good luck with your choice.

  2. Jacquelyn says:

    Although not quite ready for this myself, certainly wish I had been aware of this for my in=laws and mother. Excellent subject to cover. Thank you

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