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My grandfather in his undies…..Oh my!

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To all you readers who love my grandfather, this one is for you. I was digging through old pictures last week and came across my grandfather in his undies. Not only did the picture make me laugh, it brought back old memories of my grandparents kitchen. The first thing I thought of was, wow I would have fun in that kitchen doing a makeover.

my grandfather in his undies


I shared this image on facebook yesterday and so many of you got a kick out of it. He still doesn’t know I shared it. ha. Click here to follow us on facebook.

I can remember like it was yesterday, sitting on that counter as a kid watching my grandmother bake. She baked a sweet treat every single day.They were big believers in homemade dessert every night. They still are!  My grandparents watched my brother and I everyday when we were kids while my parents worked. I have so many memories of them when I was a kid and sometimes, it’s so strange to be back with them 45 years later living with them as an adult. It’s amazing what looking at old photos will do for ones mind!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. I can see that your Grandpa has always been a character – haha! We always had dessert every night growing up – now I might serve dessert once a week – if they’re lucky!!

  2. He is the perfect Grandpa – please give him a hug from one of your readers. Oh to have my grandparents & parents back with me – I have wonderful memories of them that I treasure. Wishing you all a Happy Thanksgiving.