Gram’s ride in the ambulance + Gout

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If you follow us on facebook, you know my gram took a little ride in the ambulance last week.  Her ankle was extremely swollen all the way up to her knee. Apparently, it had been hurting her for a while and slowly swelling. She will complain all day long to my grandfather but never to anyone else. So apparently, they didn’t feel the need to tell anyone until it looked like her foot blew up. Geeeesh, I told them we could have avoided the trip via ambulance if they had said something sooner!

grandmother ambulance gout

I found this picture the other day and it seems crazy to think we might see green grass again after the winter we have had in Massachusetts. Turns out my gram has gout. Unfortunately, her diet is the culprit and knowing her, she isn’t going to change it. Her foot is so mad at her! haha Both of my grandparents eat what they want, when they want. There diet is horrible! BUT, that’s their deal, not mine. Anyway, I told my grandfather, “hey, it’s not you this time that I had to call 911 for!” He giggled and said, “that’s not funny kid.” Last winter he took a few rides in the ambulance and he spent a few days driving the nurses crazy in the hospital. My gram is back home, watching her daytime soaps and doing well. Don’t count on her changing her diet, it will never happen. I guess when you are 83, you have the right to eat what you want ;).

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  1. Hoping your grandmother feels better soon! Gout can be extremely painful. Tart cherry juice is supposed to be good for it.

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