Avocado Smoothie + banana + kale {FODMAP friendly}

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 This is one of my favorite smoothies since starting on the low fodmap diet. Blending up kale (which I had never eaten before now) with water and a couple fruits sounding disgusting but it was actually really good. I am learning to acquire a taste for healthy drinks and food. It’s a process, I know. I bought one of those Oyster single blend machines at Target and it comes with a 20 ounce travel cup which is nice. You mix and drink from the same cup. So easy! I have been making a green smoothie every morning for the past week and I am happy to report, my stomach doesn’t get bloated. Yay!

Avocado smoothie + banana + Kahl {fodmap friendly}

I use a 20 ounce cup to blend my smoothies.

2 cups water

2 pieces of ice

1 banana

1/4  cup avocado

1/2 – 1 cup Kale (I usually break off two pieces and add to blender)

Avocado Smoothie {fodmap friendly}

If you are afraid of adding greens to your smoothie (I was) start out with a small amount and gradually add. You get use to it!

Avocado smoothie + banana + kahl smoothie / FODMAP friendly

There is not a method to this really, I just add more or less of something if I don’t like the taste. However, if you are really trying to stick to low FODMAPs, don’t add too many avocado’s as they are considered a “moderate” fodmap ingredient. My doctor told me a 1/4 cup a day would be fine and it was.

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