Gram is really confused but still has a sense of humor

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Just popping in really quick to update you on my gram. She is really confused but still has a sense of humor. Each day that goes by, she gets a little worse. I can’t figure out if it’s all the pain meds she is on or the cancer is just getting worse and effected her brain. Now that she is on hospice, her nurse is excellent at watching for signs of increased pain and addressing it with different meds. Don’t get me wrong, prior to Hospice, her nurses were equally as great but there are certain protocols that you have to go to in order to change meds which could take a bit longer. Hospice literally can make changes in one minute. 

Gram is really confused but still has a sense of humor

My gram must ask me the same thing 10x in 5 minutes. She can’t seem to remember from one minute to the next. On the other hand , she is witty and still has her sense of humor. If you saw her Facebook live post last week, you know what I mean.

Gram is really confused but still has a sense of humor

I wish she would watch her soap opera’s. I grew up watching them with her since I was 5 years old and they literally have been the highlight of her life up until recently. She has no desire to even turn the tv on. I know she is exhausted 100% of the time and I know a lot of that exhaustion is from the pain meds. It’s a double edged sword, if you don’t take the meds, you are more “with it” but in severe pain, if you take the meds, you are a zombie and really mixed up. My grandfather tries his best to not get aggravated with her when she says things that are completely ridiculous (little does he know he does the same thing!-ha) and make no sense but he has his own issues -ha. That’s a story for another day. On another note, my parents are selling their Park Model Home and we are selling our house…..did you see those posts earlier this week? Be sure to check out the changes if you didn’t, lots going on here ;). 

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  1. Anonymous says:

    No doubt about it, your life is changing in dramatic ways!……..Jacquelyn

  2. That’s funny that your grandpa doesn’t realize he has some of the same remembering issues! At least you can still find the joy and humor in such a tough situation. I love watching my soap opera too, so I understand how unusual it is that she doesn’t want to watch it anymore. It’s too bad medicine is a double edged sword. My uncle had radiation for throat cancer, which worked, but for a long time he’ll only be on a liquid diet because of the damage the radiation did to his throat.

    1. Ugh that’s awful for your uncle and yes, medicine is definitely a double edged sword. It’s so sad to watch her decline and not be able to enjoy life anymore. There is something to be said for closing your eyes and passing peacefully in your sleep when you are really old.

  3. I’m so glad that your grandma is having her pain managed – that’s the main thing. Care has come a long way since my grandmother died, thank goodness! It’s funny that you mentioned watching soap operas because that’s one of my best memories with my grandmother too. I remember when they changed one of the characters, but said that the person had had plastic surgery after being in a fire. After several weeks, my grandmother said, “You know, I think that they just got a new person!” Ha! She really got into her soap operas! Praying that your grandparents will pass peacefully.

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