Grab and Go Summer dining essentials

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My mom had a great idea the other day. She created a basket filled with summer dining essentials for our outdoor dinners. We use paper plates, cups and utensils when we can during the summer because, what’s the point of washing dishes right? We created a grab and go basket full of everything we use on a daily basis.

Create a grab and go basket full of summer dining essentials

By having everything is a basket with handles, you will save time fishing through drawers and cupboards looking for stuff before dinner. My favorite storage solution is the container with all the utensils. It’s a simple silver bucket from the dollar store. I love that!

Create a grab and go basket full of summer dining essentials

The great thing about this basket is it’s pretty too! It looks great on the counter top or outside under the porch. We love simple ideas to make our dinners go smoothly. How about you, do you have a way to keep your summer dining essentials organized?

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  1. What a waste to use plastic cutlery and dishes instead of bringing washable dishes from inside! If you carry the food out you can bring your dishes too and back to the kitchen instead of throwing a bag of once used paper and plastic rubbish to the bin.
    from Germany

  2. Great idea, Jessica! With summer so busy with everyone going every which way, we value our family dinners together. This will help to lighten the load when we have an impromptu picnic! Love all of your tips!