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Organizing tips: How to organize your jewelry in under 10 minutes!

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Hey messy jewelry, you are not wanted anymore! Do you ever feel like your jewelry is all over the place? Tangled and spread out all over a drawer or piled up on top of each other in jewelry box? Or better yet, somewhere in your house that you forgot where you put it? I remember as a kid, my  mom always had this really large jewelry box on her bureau that opened up and a little wind up ballerina spun around to music. All of her jewelry was nicely hung or pushed inside those little velvet holders. I don’t know what they are called but they kept things in place and it always looked so pretty. Today, I am here to share organizing tips for your jewelry  as part of Laura’s 10 minute idea series over at Finding Home.

How to organize your jewelry in under 10 minutes

I don’t have a cute jewelry box with a singing ballerina but I do have this adorable tiny dish from my great grandmother.

How to organize your jewelry in under 10 minutes

Over the years, I have accumulated some fun jewelry but I tend to wear the same pieces over and over. Mostly fun costume stuff.

How to organize your jewelry in under 10 minutes

I always end up tossing it wherever I take it off. The kitchen counter, the family room coffee table or my night table. I decided this cute heirloom would be perfect for keeping jewelry safe on my night table.

How to organize your jewelry in under 10 minutes


There are so many DIY jewelry organization ideas out there. One particular idea that I love is using a small tiered stand. I wish I had one of those little guys! How about you, how do you keep your everyday jewelry organized? Be sure to check out these other fabulous 10 minute organization ideas over at Finding Home, Thistlewood FarmInspired by Charm, Julie Blanner and Dream Green DIY.

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  1. I have a large framed cork board mounted inside my BR closet. I have large pushpins that I hang all of my necklaces and bracelets on. It makes it very easy to find what I want.

  2. It’s a stunning piece, and even better that it has a history! I use a bowl at my bedside table as well.

  3. I love that bowl from your grandmother. I organize all of my jewelry on top of my dresser. I have a hand stand that is made of wood – there are the fingers to hang necklaces from, plus there are pegs down the front and back for bracelets. I lay my pins/brooches on the base. I also have the base of a milk glass lamp (I love milk glass): there is a large bulb shape which I put my watches on; below that is the base and I have a pretty necklace wound twice and laid on it. I enjoy seeing my jewelry every day displayed like this.

  4. I have all my costume jewellery on a couple wooden mug trees I bought for £1 each….and then got a ‘sample’ pot of a matching varnish and did them up. Looks so cute, am very proud of them! Keeps them neat and untangled.

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