Master Bedroom Makeover Ideas

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A master bedroom is a place to retreat, relax and enjoy peace and quiet. Today I am going to show you 10 bedroom decorating ideas and layouts that you can create in your own home. Lets look at bedroom ideas and inspiration from 10 bedrooms, including decor, color and theme .

Diy Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Today I am sharing master bedroom makeover ideas that I picked for different reasons while working on my own master bedroom makeover.

Each bedroom has an element I love and for me, breaking it down to the tiny detail and then jotting that idea on a piece of paper, keeps my thoughts organized in my head.

gorgeous master bedrooms that you can DIY - easy tips and tricks that you can implement in your bedroom

My master bedroom at our previous home was small but had a lot of character. I painted the walls dark navy blue and added gold molding to the wall for texture.

The cute Mr and Mrs. pillows above are perfect for a couples romantic master bedroom as a fun twist on luxury. Why not make it a little personal with a cute saying on the pillows?

Mr and Mrs throw pillows, white bedding, navy blue throw

See My Old Master Bedroom

What color should I paint my master bedroom?

How do I update my master bedroom? Paint! If you want a bedroom that you can swap out linens by season and home decor, I suggest a more neutral color like neutral white or light gray.

boho queen bedroom, gray fabric headboard, white fur rug, glamour bedding

Amber Interiors

white board and batten bedroom walls, plaid bedding, vaulted bedroom ceiling


A set of stools at the foot of the bed vs a bench. Love this!

striped brown bedroom walls, cream bedding, brown velvet curtains


How Do You Modernize A Master Bedroom

Modernizing a bedroom can be as simple as adding a new wall color.


I love the color coral as it looks feminine and chic. Floral pillow prints are always a nice feminine touch as well. Paired mirrors above the headboard for a lower wall (like we have) are a great way to add a bit of glam to the room. The molding tends to shorten the height of the wall below and I love how the paired mirrors work together. 

coral queen bedding, mirrors above headboard, beige fabric headboard



Chandeliers add a sense of romance and character to the room that cannot be achieved any other way. The ceilings in rooms always seem so boring to me and a chandelier always diverts my attention away from the ceiling.

gorgeous master bedrooms bench

House Beautiful  

Bedding and Throw Pillows

Adding texture of a blanket and quilt are gorgeous and coordinated nicely with plain cotton styled drapery. I also love the brass accents as well. I am hoping to add brass in our room by use of either inexpensive frames or spray painted molding.

gorgeous master bedrooms blue + brown


Cheap Bedroom Makeover Ideas

I love the idea of three wall art pieces above the headboard below. Romantic master bedrooms for couples can be tricky especially if you both have an input on design.

Many times one spouse does not care but if  they do care, then going with a neutral color like gray is an easy way to create a luxury bedroom that works for both of you. 

Another question that I get a lot is “how do I make my master bedroom cozy?” I personally love to layer bedding with varying textures to create warmth and coziness.

Romantic traditional master bedroom ideas featuring a variety of textured wall space (wall art, flowing sheer curtains) help keep the room feeling full and cozy. 

white fabric tufted headboard, gray bedding and beige walls


Small Master Bedroom Ideas

I love the DIY gold molding that I added to my master bedroom below. This was such a fun project!

This master bedroom was small in my old house so I added the gold square frames to the wall to help add definition and character to the space helping it feel larger.

If you search small master bedroom ideas on google, there are many articles that share how to make a bedroom feel larger. 

pottery barn blue medallion bedding, blue walls, gold frames on wall

You can find our gray tufted headboard here.

victorian queen headboard, white bedding and navy blue walls


The layered cozy bedding ensemble is why I chose the room below. It’s always nice to have a few pretty beds to look at while arranging your own bed. Layered pillows and blankets and lots of them! Creating a romantic master bedroom is easy to do with lots of pillows!

earth tone bedroom with vaulted ceiling, queen fabric headboard and white bedding


An abundance of wall frames helps this bed from feeling lost on the wall. I am not sure I would have the patience to hang all these frames.

queen bed with wall gallery above headboard


Bedroom makeover ideas for small rooms

Our small bedroom at the lake house with coastal farmhouse bedding is so comfy and relaxing!

The board and batten modern farmhouse bedroom at our lake house also has great views of the lake. If you are looking for the best duvets (including all of our lake house bedding) be sure to click through this post featuring duvet bedding.

Had to sneak this room makeover in too. It’s not a master bedroom (it’s a teenage girls bedroom) but it has so many great decorating ideas that could be used in a master bedroom. The mirror happens to be one of my favorite pieces.

Sophisticated teenage girls bedroom makeover

Shop Fabric Headboards

Be sure to check out these 36 Cozy Retreats featuring spectacular bedroom designs.


You can also hop over to our Amazon Storefront where I am sharing several bedding sales and trends!  Are you planning a makeover, try choosing one or two elements from an image and make a mental note of what you love in that image. 

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      1. You can try checking with the source for that image. This is not a picture of my home 🙂

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  4. I was also interested in the bedding you found. Particularly the layered look with the “dark walls”. I love the multicolored topper

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