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Sharing some family updates today. The summer blew by and they say the busier you are, the faster it goes. Well that rings true for us! We were busy working at the lake and campsite all summer and when we pulled the boat out of the water last week for the winter, it was a crazy feeling. It seemed like we were just putting it “in” the water for the summer.

family updates fall 2014 four generations

Can you believe today  is October 1? My grandfather has been busy working on his Santa Clause gifts for Christmas and my grandmother, well she continues to keep me up to date on the General Hospital drama. My grandmother would be mortified if she knew I shared this picture of my grandfather. Do you love his shirt? He has had these shirts for about 40 years and refuses to get rid of them.

family updates fall 2014 four generations

My parents just returned last week from a 2 week tour of the Mid-West and oh my goodness, the pictures she took are amazing. It looks like a different planet compared to where we are on the East coast. I have never been to the mid-west except to change planes at the airport so looking at her pictures were like looking at another part of the world! I need to get out there and see the beauty for myself. I am in the process of gathering and editing the pictures and will share them soon with all of you.

family updates fall 2014 four generations

Simply a stunning piece of earth.

family updates fall 2014 four generations

My husband started a new job towards the end of the summer so it’s been a little bit of an adjustment. He has always worked a ridiculous amount of hours but now he works even more. It’s these moments that make me grateful to have my parents and grandparents around 24/7. Not so much to help with my son but it’s nice having company! Now that school as begun, the girls come on the weekend in between their soccer games to visit and the weekends seem to be a blur. I am sure many of you feel the same way. My son started playing baseball and the days seem to be eaten up with school, homework and sports. When does a kid get some down time? My little man is only 8 so he is adjusting to playing a sport and being exhausted from the school day. Trust me, I realize the importance of kids being involved in sports, heck I was riding horses my entire childhood 24/7 and competing all over the country through high school but for some reason, it never seemed overwhelming. Now I know how my mom felt when we were growing up! Finding a balance is key I guess ;).

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  1. Such a lovely family 🙂 I especially enjoy hearing about your grandfather—he must be a HOOT and a half to be around!! By the way, we are a multi generational family making it work too 🙂 It really is nice to always have someone around to talk with and keep each other company.

    1. Thank you Jeannine! My gramps is a hoot for sure…..sometimes a good hoot and sometimes a “not so good” hoot! haha

  2. Hi Jessica, I always enjoy your blog, especially the decorating features. Just want to let you know that the Grand Tetins are in Wyoming and Wyoming is the West, not Midwest.


    1. Thanks so much! They visited 4 other states as well that are the mid-west after they visited Wyoming 😉

  3. Mari butler says:

    Thanks for sharing ur beautiful blessed life !

  4. When our daughter was in school, she was involved in tennis and UIL spelling competitions. Both meant after school practices and weekend meets. When my grandma died, the funeral was on the same Saturday that my daughter had been invited to take the SAT test with an elite group of 7th graders from all over TX. We made the decision to let her stay with a friend so she could take the test (thinking of her future). The things you’ll do for your kids…

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