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How to paint a red bench {bench makeover}

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Today I am sharing how to paint a bench with a sprayer. Last week I had the pleasure of trying out the HomeRight Finish Max Pro Fine Finish Sprayer. We had a bench that we purchased a few years ago from HomeGoods and it was looking a little tired so I decided to give it a fresh new look with a high gloss exterior red paint.

First, clean and lightly sand to prepare the bench for paint. The sprayer is incredibly easy to assemble and took about 1 minute. So simple!

The spray is so fine you can’t even see it which makes it almost impossible to overspray and create drips.

I sprayed with long even strokes back and forth creating a thin first layer.

I don’t paint a lot of furniture but I may now! The finish on this bench is professional and smooth and I asked myself a couple times during this project, why haven’t I done this before!

Because the paint spray is so fine, it dries in minutes. I ended up applying 3 coats to get the finished look I wanted. I didn’t prime prior as the exterior paint had a built in primer.

So cool right?

I absolutely LOVE how our bench came out and the sprayer, well it’s my new BFF. My grandfather loves to paint and create wooden gifts in his workshop and he has already claimed the rights to use this whenever he wants ;).

Isn’t it beautiful?

The bench sits under a large tree in our front yard and I think my mom has found a new spot to sit and enjoy the scenery.

This little worn and tired bench went from drab to fab in a matter of two hours and that included drying time and me eating lunch! Bright red is perfect for fall as well as the upcoming Christmas season. Do you have an outdoor bench, chair or rocker perhaps that needs a little TLC? Don’t be afraid to paint it a fabulous bright color. You will be amazed at how you can liven up an outdoor space with a new “old” furniture piece. Thank you to HomeRight for letting me share with all of you how to paint with a sprayer. It’s a rockstar for sure! 😉

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  1. Diane Lavoie says:

    Great job with the bench! Great project….can think of so many other things to paint outdoors as well…just by thinking outside the box. So many items I have come across at yard sales that could be well recycled just be using this technique you shared. very nice Jessica………..Diane

  2. The bench looks great! Can you use any kind of paint? How difficult was the clean-up?

    1. I used a regular latex based exterior paint and it was perfect! The cleanup was under 5 minutes. The best thing about this sprayer is that the “hose” doesn’t get the paint in it like older sprayers. The air blows out the paint so you only need to clean the plastic container that holds the paint and the sprayer attachment. I hate cleanup and this didn’t phase me one bit. Very easy 🙂

  3. Love the red! Don’t forget, it will be perfect for the 4th of July too… and I’m seeing some red and white checked pillows for summer with cherry accents… what could be more summer-like than that?!

  4. The Home Right Sprayer is my new BFF. I’ve been using is to paint my kitchen cabinets and it’s AMAZING! Your bench is beautiful! What amazes me the most is that your sprayer still looks new. Mine is covered in paint now! Great job! Lesley

  5. I LOVE this bench. I would absolutely put it in my yard and if all painting was that easy, I’d probably change the color every season! I looked it up online and it is incredibly reasonable price-wise, too.

    1. I agree Leah! It’s a cheap way to change colors and our rockers are next on the list for Christmas 😉

  6. Debra Aubin says:

    I have a pro max spray painter that my children bought for me as a gift. My husband used it the other day to spray paint a few pieces of furniture to do make overs. I found that the finish is not smooth at all there are like little little bumps all over. Do you find this happens with your sprayer. I find hand painted to be much smoother to the touch then the sprayer and I am wondering if this is normal. I never spray paint so I am not sure how it should feel when sprayed verses hand painted. I cleaned and sanded before they were sprayed. So I am just looking for another option on how the sprayer worked for you. I know your bench came out really nice. Perhaps my husband didn’t apply it the right way ????? I just don’t know if I need to return mine or what. Thank you for any input you have to offer.
    Best regards

  7. Do you have to have an air compressor with that paint spray gun? I love the red, and it goes well with the grey shingled siding. Did you need a primer first or did you buy the paint that has the primer already in it? Guess you might have had to use a glossy sealer for finishing touch? Did you built those white planters? I love the new portico..and new door with the side window panes..Adds so much curb appeal.

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