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Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

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Fall Cinnamon coffee + apple crisp donuts. Sounds amazing right? Fall is my second favorite time of year (Christmas is my first) and as soon as September hits, the apple picking and pumpkin fever hits our house. My mom also loves this season and she has been spreading pumpkins and mums all over the yard -ha. We recently partnered with Folgers Coffee for an ambassadorship that will take us into next Spring so hang on tight, we will be sharing our favorite Folgers® Simply Gourmet™ Coffee flavors over the next few months. You are going to LOVE this blog series!

This month, we are sharing their Folgers® Simply Gourmet TM Natural Cinnamon flavored coffee which pairs perfectly with apple crisp donuts and apple pie. Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

Folgers® Simply Gourmet™ Coffee, is a new line that maintains the perfect balance of 100 percent Arabica coffee and real, natural flavors. For those of you who know me personally, you know I love coffee and am always trying out new flavors.

Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

Folgers Simply Gourmet has a variety of natural flavors including, Natural Vanilla, Natural Chocolate, Natural Caramel, Natural Chocolate Raspberry and Natural Mint. I personally love the cinnamon and natural vanilla with apple crisp donuts. Our local apple orchard serves donuts as an option to purchase while apple picking and wow, they are so smart! -ha. Nothing like a hot cup of coffee with a delicious donut covered in powdered or cinnamon sugar. My son loves to help me bake during the Fall season and as soon as we get home from the apple orchard, we peel apples and make all kinds of sweet treats. It’s a tradition that we have been doing since he was just a little guy.

Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

Folgers has been a part of our family since I was a kid. My grandmother and grandfather always had Folgers in their cupboard as a kid and we have worked with Folgers in the past, you may remember the Folgers fun holiday drink we make last Christmas that was pinned on pinterest over 20,000 times! My dad does all the grocery shopping for he and my mom and he always has some kind of a Folgers brand coffee in his cart. I guess it’s a generational thing ;). Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

Ok, back to the Fall Season, sorry for getting side-tracked!

The New Folgers® Simply Gourmet™ coffee is the perfect balance of natural flavor and coffee for a rich, satisfying taste in every delicious cup. I drink my coffee black but most of my family adds a cream or milk along with a sweetener. I love the cinnamon coffee black but that’s just me.

Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

If you are having friends over or a family gathering, setup a buffet table or section on your kitchen counter (I use our kitchen island) and fill a tray full of apple and pumpkin goodies. Serve your favorite Folgers Simply Gourmet flavored coffee in glass or ceramic coffee mugs and your guests will be so impressed, trust me. I picked up these gorgeous sunflowers at my local grocery store (floral arrangement post coming soon) and I love how they look in our kitchen.

Fall Cinnamon Coffee + Apple Crisp Donuts

It’s the middle of the afternoon right now and I love a hot cup of coffee around 2pm. Today I am going to try their Natural Chocolate flavor and I am thinking that will satisfy my chocolate craving. I will let you know! :). Be sure to visit the Folgers website, facebook and twitter for more information and for recipe details. Yes, they have amazing recipes on their site as well as where you can find your favorite flavor.

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  1. Those donuts look absolutely amazing! I will have to get some soon!

  2. Heidi Kisiel says:

    Oooo!! I’m going to have to try this!! Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Nothing like a fresh hot cup of coffee on a cool, crisp fall morning….accompanied by a donut of course!

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