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Fabulous navy pillow finds {study update}

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I hope everyone had a great weekend. We were fairly low key around here, enjoying a Saturday night family dinner and a boat load of housework. I swear, laundry haunts me everyday. My dad is so good at keeping their laundry under control. I wish I was half as diligent as he is when it comes to laundry. Our study is getting a few new pieces this week, one being new navy pillows. The study was completed prior to Christmas last year but once I removed all the Christmas decorations, it was a bit scarce looking. The color scheme is orange, red and navy. What better way to introduce color, throw pillows!

navy pillow graphic.jpg

Here are a few of my navy pillow finds.

fabulous navy throw pillows study update

Navy & White

fabulous navy pillows study update

Pottery Barn

fabulous navy pillows for study


navy and white lines


fabulous navy throw pillows study update

Pottery Barn

navy ikat


I ordered two of these fabulous navy pillows below. Thanks to my friend Darlene for pointing them out to me :).

navy pillow

Caitlin Wilson

fabulous navy throw pillows study update


The pattern of the drapes in our study is geometric as shown below so I think a pop of navy along with the crisp white lines will look fabulous. I also have a few yards of the coral dot fabric below that will work perfectly for coordinating bolster pillows.

study fabric coordinates graphic.jpg

If I have one decorating weakness, it’s throw pillows. I have a closet filled from floor to ceiling with throw pillows. I need to either start making more pillow covers myself or giving away throw pillows we don’t use anymore. I know of a few friends who have their hands raised for some home decor items :). I am also working on updating our family room for spring so I have a few fabric swatches on the way so I can hopefully make my own pillow covers. Stay tuned, the Ikea shelving has also been put together for the study. The room should be put together soon!

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