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Easy Asian Chicken and Noodles dinner

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Do you ever have those nights when you are running around and don’t have much time to prepare a meal? We have those nights often. Many times my husband gets home from work after seven at night and by then, he is starving. During the school week, my son many times, will eat earlier with my parents or grandparents and I’ll wait to eat with my husband later if I am finishing up work or driving to sport events. To celebrate Wok Wednesday, we were asked by P.F. Chang”s if  wanted to try the P.F. Chang’s Home Menu. Their home menu is full of flavorful dishes of an exceptional Asian dining experience, in the comfort of your own home. I had never tried their home menu before and I am glad we did. This is a quick and easy meal that tastes delicious.

Easy Asian Chicken Noodles dinner

Simply add the ingredients in the bag to a skillet and that’s it.

Easy Asian Chicken Noodles dinner

Their meals are far from ordinary frozen dinners, the P.F. Chang’s Home Menu uses authentic Asian ingredients and cooking techniques, designed by P.F. Chang’s founder Philip Chiang himself.

Easy Asian Chicken Noodles dinner

I must say, they are really good! There is a variety of meals to choose from and you can find them in the frozen isle of your local grocery store nationwide. Everything from quality cuts of beef, white meat chicken breast or succulent shrimp paired with crisp colorful vegetables, tender noodles, and full-flavored sauces, the P.F. Chang’s Home Menu is infused with delicious flavors and bold aromas. My chicken dinner that I tried smelled really good ;). 

Easy Asian Chicken Noodles dinner

So why not break up the week and give one of their meal or appetizer selections a try?

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  1. I always cook from scratch! But! I think I’m going to try this! Sounds great. For a hectic day and trying to decode what to make for dinner! Thanks!

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