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DIY whimsical Christmas Star {under $5}

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We started pulling out Christmas decorations a couple weeks ago preparing for a couple fun blog events in the near future. A couple days ago I started working on the Christmas theme in our study and created a fun DIY whimsical Christmas star for the tree. The study is for the kids to watch TV, do homework as well as a place where “us” adults can also hang out and not feel overwhelmed with toys. The room is just about finished and I plan on sharing our Christmas study reveal this week.

diy christmas star

whimsical christmas star

The theme of the room is bright, colorful and whimsical. For this DIY project, I simply rolled up scrap book paper and created a star.

diy whimsical christmas star

I trimmed the edges of the rolled paper as the back was white. You can buy double sided scrap book paper which would work great but I wanted to use what I had so trimming off the edges did the trick. I rolled up 8 pieces of scrap book paper and used tape to keep them rolled.

diy whimsical christmas star

I created X’s using hot glue to fasten them together. Once I was finished, I hot glued a fun glittered ornament to the middle.

whimsical christmas star-8

This took all of 10 minutes and the cost was minimal.

whimsical christmas star-9

I moved around a few of the branches so the star would simply fit snug on the top.

whimsical christmas star-10

I love how the stripes, words and patterns on the scrap book paper combined add a pop of whimsy to the tree.

whimsical christmas star-11

This DIY whimsical Christmas star is fun and I think it turned out nicely considering it cost under $5. This space has been invaded with a combination of different patterns, colors and textures and hopefully I can get it photographed and share it soon. For more Christmas inspiration, be sure to check out our DIY boxwood wreath and colorful ornament wreath.


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  1. LOL! I am calling crafters anonymous 🙂

    You need to become a full-fledged member 🙂

    hee hee!

    Happy day rock star 🙂

  2. What a clever idea!!! Love everything about this DIY star!!!

  3. It’s really pretty – I just love those colours and the little bauble is so cute! Great little craft project for Christmas – thanks for sharing your talents!

  4. The star is so pretty!! One of my favorite types of Christmas decorations-homemade and simple. Thanks for sharing!!