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Our DIY Fireplace Makeover {framing vents part 2}

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Our DIY fireplace makeover is making significant progress and I can’t wait to get it finished. I am at the painting stage right now but today, I wanted to share how we framed and built over the existing vents. You can see how we framed around the hearth via step 1.

diy fireplace makeover the vents

Here is where we left off last week during step 1.

Some of these pictures were taken with my phone as there was sawdust everywhere and I was afraid to destroy my fancy camera :).

fireplace makeover begins

Once we finished the hearth, we moved to the vent section of the fireplace. For us, we decided to close off the vents. Depending on how your vents are you may or may not be able to plug them with stone and mortar. Once we removed the vent, we actually found that the vent was not working very well and it wasn’t a big deal for us to just go over the vent with wood. They didn’t really work that well. As shown in step 1, we used 2 x 10’s cut to size to create a frame along the edge.

diy fireplace makeover {framing over vents}

We decided we wanted to beef up the sides and mantel area a bit so we reinforced the 2 x 6’s with another 2 x 6. This is a matter of preference. You do not have to do this but in order to get the desired width we wanted, this was necessary.

DIY fireplace makeover framing around vents

We used 3″ nails to nail the boards together.

diy fireplace makeover -2

You can see that once the sides were done, we added a 2 x 4 in the center of the stone. We worked our away around the fireplace enclosing it with a rough frame.

diy fireplace makeover -4

Once we added the two 2 x 4’s on either side, we added the long 2 x 10 piece across the top to cover the vent and the three 2 x 10’s across the middle. The reason for this, you need a base to nail your top facing finished pine pieces.

diy fireplace makeover -5

Again, we used 3″ nails to nail the boards together. Depending on your existing hearth, your frame may or may not fit perfectly against the hearth. You may need to cut around your hearth. Ours fit flush. Yay!

diy fireplace makeover -6

Next, we used 2 x 10’s to tie in the hearth with the side frame.

DIY fireplace makeover framing around vents

Next, we needed to cover the two frames around the hearth. We did this by cutting out a piece of plywood with the dimensions necessary to fit flush up against the stone.

diy fireplace makeover -11

I drew the pieces we needed and added the measurements accordingly. This was my map when I cut out the plywood :).

DIY fireplace makeover framing around vents

I used a saber saw to the cut the plywood and create the cut out pieces we needed.

diy fireplace makeover -12

As my dad said, “it fit like a glove!”

diy fireplace makeover -13

Next we added a piece across the front of the hearth to cover the gap between the frames.

diy fireplace makeover -14

Are you starting to see it come together?

diy fireplace makeover -15

diy fireplace makeover framing around vents

Remember how it looked before?

DIY fireplace makeover framing around vents

We are making progress!

DIY fireplace makeover framing around vents

Next week I will show you how we added the pine to this frame and you will then see this fireplace take a drastic turn for the better! We plan on installing a pellet stove as we don’t use this fireplace. If you use your stove, be sure to check your local fire codes before adding wood to the side of your fireplace. Thankfully, the pellet stove insert will provide the necessary steel insert to prevent a fire hazard. I think it looks so much better right now and the pine isn’t even added yet. Our DIY fireplace makeover turned in to a little bigger of a project then I anticipated but that’s how it goes around here. We go with the “go big or go home” motto :).

UPDATE: See step 3 + You can see the full fireplace reveal here.

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  1. Katrina Heard says:

    hi! I’m commenting on stage 2 fireplace makeover and wondering if you could let me know if you put the 2×4s that you placed on either side, if they went all the way to the top? and then you put the 2×10 over? or did the 2x4s on either side go under the 2×10 as support?

    1. we used 2×4’s to frame around the existing stone and they went to the top (some of the pictures show the wood to the top)

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