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Easy Hydrangea Arrangement (wedding approved)

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Looking to add a touch of rustic elegance to your space? Our simple hydrangea arrangement in a wooden crate is the perfect choice, combining the timeless beauty of hydrangeas with the charm of a small wooden crate, creating a stunning centerpiece for any occasion.

This beautiful hydrangea arrangement cost under $7 (the cost of the spray paint) and took under 15 minutes to make.

I must say, this simple centerpiece idea would be perfect for a wedding too!

Simple Hydrangea Centerpiece

DIY centerpiece under $15
White hydrangeas in a red wooden crate

Creating a simple hydrangea arrangement in a small wooden crate can be a lovely and charming addition to your decor.

Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you create one:

Materials Needed

  • Small wooden crate (see these wooden crates for ideas)
  • Floral foam or a small vase that fits inside the crate
  • Hydrangea stems (cut to desired length – I prefer blue hydrangeas or cream hydrangeas)
  • Pruning shears or a sharp knife
  • Water
  • Optional: Foliage or greenery for fillers

My thrift store crate was originally green but I wanted a pop of red so I spray painted it!

DIY centerpiece under $15

Step 1: Wipe Crate Clean

Clean crate with warm water and let dry before adding spray paint

DIY centerpiece under $15

Step 2: Spray Paint Wooden Crate

Spray paint the wooden crate with 2 coats, leaving ample time in between coats to dry

DIY centerpiece under $15

Step 3: Fill Small Vases With Hydrangeas

I filled two small vases with hydrangeas and added additional greens to create a full lush arrangement

Arranging Flowers Tip

If you wood box is deep, you can use foam blocks inside the crate to raise the vases

Hydrangea Arrangement Ideas

Hydrangea centerpiece ideas are endless but a few of my favorite ideas are:

  1. Mason jar with twine around the neck of the jar complete with cut hydrangeas
  2. Vintage tea cups or small vases filled with hydrangeas
  3. Floating blue and white hydrangea heads in decorative bowl filled with water
  4. Wooden crate or small basket filled with hydrangeas
  5. Tall vase filled with large flowing hydrangea roses
DIY centerpiece under $15

This hydrangea floral arrangement is so easy and looks amazing! Not bad for a free little wooden box and a can of spray paint, right?

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DIY centerpiece under $15
Farmhouse Centerpiece Idea with Hydrangeas

This stunning hydrangea flower arrangement in a wooden crate is affordable, easy to make and would also serve as a perfect choice for a wedding centerpiece, adding a touch of rustic elegance and natural beauty to your special day. There is nothing like full hydrangea blooms to captivate and create a beautiful focal point.

Simple Hydrangea Arrangement

How to make a simple hydrangea arrangement with a thrift store wooden crate
Print Instructions
DIY centerpiece under $15

Supply List

  • Small wooden crate
  • Floral foam or a small vase that fits inside the crate
  • Hydrangea stems (cut to desired length)
  • Pruning shears or a sharp knife
  • Water
  • Floral greens or picks (optional)

Instructions : Step by Step

  • Prepare the crate
    Ensure that the wooden crate is clean and dry before you spray paint. You can line the crate with a plastic liner or use a waterproof container to hold water if necessary.
  • Prepare the floral foam or vase
    If you're using a small vase, fill it with water about halfway. Place the foam or vase in the center of the crate.
  • Trim the hydrangea stems
    Trim the hydrangea stems at a diagonal angle. The length of the stems should be suitable for the size of the crate. Remove any excess leaves from the lower portion of the stems.
  • Arrange the hydrangeas
    Start by inserting the hydrangea stems into the vase. Begin with the larger hydrangea blooms in the center and work your way outward, adding smaller blooms around the edges. Vary the heights of the stems to create a visually appealing arrangement. Consider adding additional greens like babies breath to create a full lush vase


Be sure to make sure you add water to the vase
Consider using foam blocks if you wooden crate is deep to prop up the vase allowing the flowers to spill out the top
Author: Jessica Bruno
Cost: 7

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    1. Thanks for inviting me, Beth! It was a blast!

      xo Jessica

  1. Juanita in OH says:

    Oh my goodness…this is a beautiful DIY and an awesome homage to spring! I LOVE red and hydrangeas, what more could I ask for? TFS.

  2. I’m always astounded at how people could just throw stuff like this away…..It was a good find for you, though! It looks so pretty as a pop of red on your table.

    1. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, right? Thanks for coming by!

      xo Jessica

  3. I like your taste in spray paint! 😉
    Looking so fresh and fun in the red Jess.
    Happy Spring.
    (off to check up on Gramps now) xo

  4. Heather B says:

    Always love a pop of red! But where in the world did you get that amazing wood slab tray??

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