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Our Colorful Summer Covered Porch

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Last week we removed the outdoor furniture and set up our summer covered porch space. The porch is directly off our family room and is situated where it overlooks the pool area. It really is a great space to sit, especially when my son is outside playing.

Our summer covered porch makeover

I was thrilled when Wayfair asked if I would like to makeover our porch with a few of their summery items.

summer covered porch makeover-2

I decided to create a colorful theme this summer and the pink dot and “sweetie pie” bird pillows were just the pops of color that the space needed. The bird pillows add a playful and unexpected element to the porch ;).

summer covered porch makeover-3

I purchased the outdoor drapes last year as well from Wayfair and honestly, they have held up well and still look brand new. They wash nicely and dry extremely fast after it rains.

summer covered porch makeover-4

The white square floor planter from Wayfair is a good alternative if you do not have a side table to place between your chairs. I placed a 10″ planter inside and it fit perfectly.

colorful summer covered porch makeover

Our boxer loves this porch!

summer covered porch makeover-5

The “sweetie pie” pillow with the adorable sassy looking bird is my favorite item on this porch. I think it’s so fun and unexpected. My mom said, “oh, where did you get that fabulous pillow?”

summer covered porch makeover-6

This year, our covered porch is full of life and is a happy place to be. Last year, our porch was more casual and conservative featuring tan and blue.  I love how the orange, pinks and reds brighten up this space. Thank you to Wayfair for sending me these fabulous complimentary items!


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  1. Love the colors, pillows and those billowy curtains, and no picture is complete without a boxer. What is your boxer’s name? We have a princess boxer, named Lola. Well, she thinks she’s a princess anyway!

  2. Beautiful and so colorful! I was wondering if you could tell me where you bought the
    Patio set? I have been looking for a set that is comfortable but not overlarge for my small patio. These look to be the perfect size. Thanks.

      1. Thanks so much. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they still have it. Now to save up. Thanks again.

  3. I love what you did! Your porch looks very similar to ours. 😉 I hung drop cloth for curtains and created a dining area (would love to know how you hung yours). Your sheer curtains are very pretty and I love the mix of colors and patterns. What a lovely space to relax in.

    1. Drop cloths, that is a great idea! I always wondered though how quickly they dry? Do they dry fairly quick?

  4. I can’t tell you how AWESOME your PORCH LOOKS!
    Now for some tips on how to keep it clean and looking like that!

  5. Judy Clark says:


    Loving reading your blog. You always have such wonderful ideas. So enjoy reading about your family especially the part about all of you being together. Our family lived together when I was a little. It is always nice to have family around. Love your boxer. We have a wonderful boxer named Lexi. Lexi looks much like yours except ours is brindle. She is a love. We rescued her when she was ten months old. She is now seven. Dogs bring so much love into your home. I can’t imagine not having her with us. Thanks again for sharing your home with us.

    1. Thanks Judy! Yes, we love our boxer.She is our 4th one and they are wonderful family dogs 🙂

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