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Building a deck over the lake {summer lake project}

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We have made significant progress on the deck that over looks the lake. This wasn’t an easy task as we needed to re-brace the underneath which required someone on the water. Last week I shared the before pictures of the rotted deck and our day demolishing it with a chain saw. You may have read last week that we purchased a camper and a seasonal spot on a nearby lake.

summer deck lake project


Here is the before.

clean up campsite summer lake project

Unfortunately, the cross braces that were there all needed to be removed. Can you say rotted?

building a deck lake campsite summer project

After the rotted wood was removed, we added new pressure treated wood.

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My dad laughed and said, this new deck will last for about another 100 years. Each beam and brace was reinforced times 2! Just in case 😉

building a deck lake campsite summer project

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My mom is very excited to have her morning coffee on this deck. It’s the perfect spot overlooking the water. Although, it isn’t looking very perfect here……

building a deck lake campsite summer project

My husband is so excited for this summer on the lake. Never in a million years did he think he would love camping, a camper, bugs, fishing and living in the woods!

building a deck lake campsite summer project

He happened to not be working the day we started building the deck and my dad gave him a crash course on how to use the nail gun. He was funny, he said as long as he didn’t have to go in the water with the fish, he would do anything. ha

building a deck lake campsite summer project

Again, here is the deck before.

our campsite and home for the summer-7

After a few hours, the deck was re-braced with 2×4’s and new decking was added to the floor.

building a deck lake campsite summer project

We still need to add a top rail, remove the old lattice and create a frame around the outside to create visual interest from the lake. I cannot wait to get this deck stained and setup with adirondack chairs. My grandfather may even pull out the paint brush and give me a hand. I think my grandparents will enjoy sitting here and watching the boats and kids swim. It’s amazing the tranquility that this little campsite has offered in a short couple weeks.

Update: click here to see full campsite + deck full reveal {before and after}

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  1. We live in Colorado now, but are from Washington State originally. My best memories of growing up were the summers we spent at the lake. Moving to a landlocked dry and dusty state we have realized how lucky we had it back home. Although we plan on moving back someday, for now we plan on getting a boat and spending our summers back there! Enjoy!!

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