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Summer lake project update {deck + stairs}

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Last weekend we worked on building stairs from the existing deck to the camper as well as finishing up the deck that overlooks the lake. Hopefully we will have a couple days in a row with no rain in the forecast so we can start staining the decks! I can’t wait to see how the old faded wood looks once it has a coat of fresh new stain applied. Last week I shared how we demolished most of the existing deck with a chain saw and now you can see, we have added new flooring, sides and braces in the water. Structurally, this baby is sound now! summer lake project update {deck + stairs} We removed most of the underneath braces and the ones that were still stable, we left and reinforced with new 2×4’s. We still need to add new wood around the sides (floor) area to complete and give the deck a finished look. As you can see below, the existing deck where the camper is needs a little TLC as well as new stairs leading to the camper. We started building the stairs this past weekend which was a learning experience for me. I had no idea that you build a box and then another box to create the steps. I guess I never really thought about how stairs were created before. summer lake project update {deck + stairs} I will share the stair tutorial soon but in the meantime, here is my dad building box number 1. summer lake project update {deck + stairs} Purchasing the camper and renting a seasonal spot on a lake is proving to be one of the best decisions we have made. The kids love swimming, my son is enjoying fishing and my parents and husband are loving the serenity. I love having a new place to decorate and landscape ;). summer lake project update {deck + stairs} Isn’t this view amazing? We have talked about this camping idea for years and finally, the day is here where we are now saying, “I can’t believe we finally did it.” My husband jokingly says, “Jess, what took you so long to make this happen?” He is a funny one!

UPDATE: Click here to see full campsite and deck makeover.

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  1. Looking great! And, love the view…

  2. Ok. Excuse my ignorance. Even though you’re renting the lot, you can still fix it up and decorate it? The owners don’t have issue with it? And then you park your RV on the lot? Quite a genius idea!!! I just don’t know if we have something like that here, but it’s a perfect solution! Congratulations!

    1. haha Chris you are funny 🙂 Yup, when you pay for a seasonal spot at a campground, many owners will allow you to fix it up and as long as you pay your deposit for the next season on time (usually the summer before) you are guaranteed that same spot. It’s like renting an apartment, you are in charge of the dock and any deck maintenance and yard work for your site. Of course,if we leave the site, we loose whatever work we did or we just take it with us. Like the dock extender we are buying for the boat, it’s removable aluminum so if we leave, it comes with us. We plan on staying for years to come so that’s why we are making it “home” 🙂

  3. Your site looks so peacefully. I hope you and your family enjoy it for many years to come. The new deck looks great.

  4. Sharon Bernstein says:

    It looks wonderful and I am sure you will be making lots of memories for your kids. You have a wonderful blog site.

  5. What a lovely setting! Many memories will be made for sure. I remember you writing about your grandmother saying something about building a ramp and she’ll be there? Is there access for her and the wheelchair? Just wondering

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