Chicken Coop White Interior with Nesting Boxes Reveal

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Our chicken coop white interior with nesting boxes is finally done! I know many of you didn’t agree with the white paint decision but for me personally, I love it. Something about white paint just makes everything look so clean and fresh.

Painting White Chicken Coop Ideas

Chicken Coop White Interior with Nesting Boxes, rubber floor mats, diy screen window

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diy walk in chicken coop chicken mansion, framing the foundation, framing the walls, framing the hip roof

We opted to make DIY window screens with a hook to latch them close to cover the existing window screens. After all the work building this chicken coop, the last thing we need is a predator breaking through the window screen.

I will share the window screen tutorial soon but if you look at the image above, you will see that we used wood and heavy mesh to create a swing screen door to cover the window.

Chicken Coop White Interior Walls

Chicken Coop White Interior with Nesting Boxes, rubber floor mats, diy screen window

Chicken coop white interior with nesting boxes

We painted the entire inside white and used black rubber floor mats from Tractor Supply to cover the floor. We use the rubber mats in our horse stalls and they are so easy to remove, hose off and clean.

Chicken Coop White Interior with Nesting Boxes, rubber floor mats, shavings,

Chicken Coop Layout Inside with Nesting Boxes

We used a handrail to create a couple perches that we fastened to the side of the nesting boxes and wall. I am hoping to find a ladder perch soon that I can also mount to the wall.

Here is the before.

walk in chicken coop, partition wall, nesting boxes


Chicken Coop White Interior with Nesting Boxes, rubber floor mats, diy screen window

Our white chicken coop layout inside consists of a space for the chickens and a space for food and shavings. We decided to add a couple windows inside the coop for cross ventilation along with a partition screen wall between the alley way and chicken space.

white chicken coop interior and DIY sliding barn door, pine shavings

We made a DIY barn sliding door (I will share the tutorial in another post) which worked out perfectly to conserve space. We originally had a swing door in mind but we decided to make the alley way smaller in an effort to allow more space for the chickens so the swing door didn’t work out.

Chicken Coop White Nesting Boxes, rubber floor mats, shavings

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We use the same shavings that we use for the horses, shredded pine. I plan on getting straw for the white nesting boxes as the shavings do not seem to stay put in the boxes. If you have any suggestions for the boxes, message me or leave a comment below. Stay tuned, I will be sharing the chicken coop exterior and chicken porch this weekend!

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  1. Your coop is so cute!! I hope you enjoy keeping your chickens as much as we do.
    You might consider a small piece of trim on the front of your nesting boxes. It keeps the eggs from rolling out we the chickens leave them behind. Also, put a golf ball or two in the boxes. Your girls will think it is an egg and know where to go and if a snake gets in and eats the golf ball they die.
    Get Easter Eggers if you want blue/green eggs. My customers love them because they are different.
    Good luck with your ladies!

  2. You might want to nail a board across the bottom of the nest boxes to keep the shavings or straw inside the boxes. Beautiful mansion!

  3. This is so pretty! I love your idea of a door over the existing windows for predator protection. As far as the nesting boxes, maybe put a small lip to help keep the shavings inside the box. Maybe even keep the babies from accidentally tumbling out.

  4. A small strip of furring against the front edge of your best boxes will keep the shavings and eggs inside.
    Hiwever, you may find your hens are unhappy with the excessive light in their coop. Being a prey species, they prefer to lay in a darkened corner, hidden nest box, or secret place. Your coop looks lovely to humans, but like an open, vulnerable space to a ground dwelling bird.

  5. Just add a lip to the front of the boxes so shavings can’t get out. Like an inch or two. Also, you can buy mats for inside the nest boxes and you don’t need hay at all. It looks great now but they make a mess!!

  6. Hi, first time here after saving your site and photos in my Pinterest! Thanks for a great place to learn. Lol loved how everyone encouraged you to add the lip/edges for the chickens’ boxes, as it is surely helpful. We all need to support and help one another, especially this year, 2021.
    One question I have immediately is about the safety level of the white paint as it really looks great, and we would like to safely protect our subfloor, non-treated plywood, for our free-range chickens. Sorry if you already explained this elsewhere but how did you find paint that is safe for the chickens’ living space? Oh and also that is a great tip using the black rubber mats atop your floor! We have had horses over the years, too, and that probably explains my husband briefly mentioning the idea of using protective rubber atop the subfloor rather than treating it with any paint-on protection. Thank you again, and will check back. Best of everything.

    1. Hi, thanks for stopping by 🙂 yes we lined the floors with rubber horse mats and I have not had any issues with the white paint. The chickens are still here 1.5 years later 🙂 You may be able to google paint for chicken coop and see if there any special paints for that .

  7. Love your coop! I’m about to paint the interior of our coop white as well…do you have follow up pics of how “ white and clean” it is after a year and a half? Thx

    1. Hi, I don’t have any pictures on the blog but it’s still pretty clean! If you check my Instagram account (four generations one roof) I have a highlight reel named chickens. There are a couple frames that show the inside !

  8. Love the white ! I also have mine painted in white and have enjoyed it for 4 years. I clean it with water and vinegar and a few drops of mint, orange and lavender organic oil. It always looks clean. I have mats down also and use hemp from Carolina Coops to cover. One suggestion, I have found so useful is putting in an infirmary. A small space, hardware cloth walls, to separate an ill or injured chicken. We have used it so many times as the chickens get older, It gives them time to heal, but yet be with their flock. Love the barn door ! Such a great addition.

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