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Painting White Nesting Boxes in Walk In Chicken Coop

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The chicken coop plan is coming along and we just finished up painting the nesting boxes in the walk in coop white. I researched the question, “how many nesting boxes per chicken,” on google and concluded we should have 8 nesting boxes. The recommendation was 1 nesting box per 4 chickens. We only plan on having no more than 12 chickens but we had the space for 8 boxes so that’s what we built. 

Plans for nesting boxes

You can see our walk in chicken coop plan here.  The white nesting boxes are the cutest ever! If you saw the post from a few days ago, you know that the chicken coop turned into a mansion thanks to my dad. 

Our plans for the nesting boxes were very simple and constructed out of plywood. 

plywood nesting boxes for walk in chicken coop

See the entire exterior walk in chicken coop post if you missed it.

DIY Chicken Coop Nesting Boxes

I woke up yesterday to my parents sitting in front of the chicken coop having their coffee and when I entered the chicken coop, I found the nesting boxes already installed! Thankfully he took some pictures (I was still sleeping) so I will share a tutorial soon.

Our chicken coop white nesting boxes are made out of plywood with a slanted roof.

plywood nesting boxes for walk in chicken coop

What are nesting boxes

Nesting boxes are essentially where the hens will lay their eggs. The chickens will nest for hours in the box until they lay their egg. 

We decided to elevate our nesting boxes a about 3″ off the ground to keep the lower level nesting boxes cleaner. You can fill the nesting boxes with shavings or straw. Personally, straw is nice in the winter because it helps keep the chickens warm.

walk in chicken coop, partition wall, nesting boxes

If you saw the videos from yesterday, you know that I originally wanted white nesting boxes and that plan turned into painting the entire inside coop white.

The coop partition wall was also an idea that I came up with last minute and my dad said, ” do you know that your upgrade fee is getting out of control?” 

I wanted an area to keep food and cleaning supplies as well as a way to get into the run without going into the coop.

walk in chicken coop, partition wall,


walk in chicken coop, partition wall, painting nesting boxes

Nesting Box Paint Color

I decided to paint the coop interior and the nesting boxes white. 

walk in chicken coop, partition wall for alleyway,

We opted for a partition wall in order to create a small alleyway for storing food and shavings. I think there is even enough room for a cute bench under the window! I told my dad yesterday I was going to look for a chandelier and his response was, “what is wrong with you?” -ha.

Chicken Coop Paint Ideas

walk in chicken coop, chicken coop partition wall,

jessica bruno painting the inside of a chicken coop white

white paint walk in chicken coop, partition wall for alley way

I personally love the idea of a white painted chicken coop and white nesting boxes. It makes the space brighter and for someone like me who loves to decorate, the white paint creates a great backdrop. I decided to go with a semi gloss white paint  because semi gloss is easy to clean (although it’s on plywood so cleaning isn’t really going to be easy) but more importantly, it really makes the chicken coop brighter.

We will be installing hardwire cloth fencing in the opening on the partition wall as well as the outside chicken run. Don’t laugh but we are making a DIY sliding barn door for the partition wall as well. I can’t WAIT to see it finished. It’s coming along nicely.

We are going to put black rubber mats on the floor (same ones we use in the horse stalls) which will be help keep the chicken coop clean. Imagine how cute the inside would look with a crystal romantic chandelier, cute farmhouse signs and maybe even a runner in the alleyway! Stay tuned, my chicken mansion has my mind swirling with ideas.

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  1. Jessica this is just toooo sweet!! I love it!! Who says a chicken coop has to be all coop-y! Lol It’ll be a Chic Coop.

  2. Juanita in OH says:

    This is going to be fabulous, it looks like a place I would LOVE to live in, LOL. TFS.

  3. Kathy in Massachusetts says:

    Will they have an outside run? That’s what they like the best; scratching and pecking around in the grass! Also, will you have to heat the coop in the dead of the New England winter?

  4. Are you going to post the interior and exterior your now that it’s finished?!

    1. YES!!! I have been so crazy busy I didn’t even realize I didn’t share the “after” ????. Thank you for reminding me 🙂

  5. Anonymous says:

    Don’t forget the ledge in front of nesting boxes so the eggs don’t roll out and another ledge for them to walk on when the chickens are inspecting which nest to use. Check out pics and you’ll see what I mean, just google nesting boxes for chickens

  6. Thank you for sharing your experience, I am new chicken owner. What kind of paint do you use? Thank you

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