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Cancer Update on Gram + Favorite Back to School Bedding

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I am so appreciative for all your emails, comments and social media messages yesterday about my grandmother and her latest cancer diagnosis. I am still trying to answer emails from weeks ago about my grandfather being admitted to the nursing home, I am not sure I will ever get to respond to all of them. Please know, we read each and every one and we are so grateful for your encouragement, love and prayers. I have an update today on my gram and I had prepared a post a while back on my favorite back to school bedding which I thought would be kind of stupid to post considering the circumstances around my gram but my gram would say, “Jessie, life goes on and you need to go about your business and do what you do everyday.” Bedding seems kind of dumb at the moment but she is right, I need to go about my business and continue to share our projects, recipes, favorite things and of course, our family. 

cancer update and favorite back to school bedding

I picked my grandfather up at the Nursing Home yesterday around noon and we spent a few hours at the hospital with my gram. He is so happy to be able to be at the hospital with my gram. This has thrown him for a loop. We hope he can keep it together and not go completely off the deep end. 

If you have been following along on facebook or read yesterday’s post,  you know my gram was admitted to the hospital a few days ago for a swallowing issue.  As of yesterday, we were told that the cancer has not spread to her bones (which is good) but there is a tumor pressing on her lung that is cancerous. So not only does she have cancer in her hip (which is why she has been having such leg pain recently) but it’s on her lungs too. Not the best news. Today, the oncologist will tell us her options for pain management and what if anything they can do to slow down the tumor on her lung. We have a lot of decisions to make regarding whether or not we can feasibly care for her at home or if she needs to be sent to a Nursing Home for long term care. Ugh. Death isn’t easy no matter how you spin it but seriously, why couldn’t my grandparents just die a peaceful death in their sleep? Watching their brain and body literally deteriorate in front of you isn’t anything I would wish on anyone. 

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On a happier more fun note, here is my post I prepared a couple weeks ago sharing my favorite back to school bedding. It’s the Nordstrom 1/2 Yearly Sale so everything is significantly discounted and I actually picked out a plaid set for my sons bedroom makeover (coming this Fall). Not sure really sure why I named this post back to school bedding as they would be great refresh options for any bedroom in your home. I must have had back to school on my brain a couple weeks ago when I was looking for bedding. -ha. Hopefully I will be able to update you all about where my gram goes from here sometime tomorrow. Fingers crossed, everything works out ok. PS. This post contains affiliate links for the bedding. 



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  1. Terri Hughes says:

    So sorry to hear the sad news about your grandmother. Cancer is so horrible. I do know what you and your family are going through. I lost both my dad and brother to cancer. Prayers still going up for your grandparents and for you and your family. We don’t always get the answers that we want in life. But trust that God will take care of things. God Bless you all.

    1. Thank you Terri and so sorry to hear about your dad and brother. Take care and thanks again for the kind words

  2. Life it’s self can be difficult and dying is no easier for most of us. I cared for my father until he broke his hip then he had to go to an adult
    Foster home. I still visited him almost every day and took him to all his medical appointments. We would sometimes just go for a drive or into town for an ice cream. It was very difficult to watch him go down hill at the end knowing there was nothing I could do to make things easier.
    I know more than anything he just wanted company even if he didn’t feel like talking. I would sit and watch cooking shows with him. Even at the end he refused pain medication. He said I don’t want to miss any of this life even if it is painful.
    Hard as this is for you it is a gift you give to your loved ones.

    1. That is wonderful you could be there with him 😉 You are right about just wanting company. My gramp likes just knowing someone is there .

  3. Often in times of great adversity, one wonders how to keep going on. My answer is just one day at a time, sometimes it is all we can manage. Prayers for your dear Grandmother, Grandfather and all of your generations.

  4. Your grandmother sounds like a very wise woman, and her love and wisdom (as well as your Gramps”) will always be with you no matter what.
    Beautiful bedding choices! If you come across a down blanket with satin edges that is very lightweight, please do a post on that. I’ve had one for years that has about had it, so I’m in the market for one, but I can’t handle heavy bedding. Thanks!

    1. Will do 😉 Thank you! PS. Pinecone Hill has beautiful down blankets in different weights and I have two of them. A summer one and a winter one 😉

  5. Keep all your family in my good thoughts and prayers.

  6. Oh my. I’m so sorry to hear of your Grandma’s cancer. It’s so much for all of you to handle. Prayers for strength, courage, patience and peace.

  7. When my mom was not able to rehab after breaking her hip she had to go to a nursing home. We were very fortunate to put both my parents in the same room at the nursing home. It was very expensive but the it was so worth it for them to be together to the very end.

    1. That is wonderful. The same thing may end with happening my grandparents if the facility can do longterm care for cancer

  8. Judith Smith says:

    I try to catch up on your updates every few days. I appreciate hearing your true feelings about the health conditions of your grand parents. You are honest in saying you are angry seeing them decline as opposed to gently going off to sleep and leave us. I think most of us would want that but as life can be complicated so can death. As they need your support so do you and all the other members of your family. You will all come through this sad time, leaning on each other, let tears flow when you must, inhale deeply, try to be calm. There will be rough days ahead, once in awhile through this season of your life I know you will realize that out here is very deep caring for you and your family and many strong arms around you.

  9. Jacquelyn Kinsman says:

    Terrible sad and frustrating times for your family. Glad that you have “us” to share your pain with. Wouldn’t it be a blessing if , when we feel it is our time, we could take a “cocktail” , give a kiss and wave bye bye…My heart is with all of your family. Hugs. Jacquelyn

  10. Sorry your grandma also has cancer in her lungs. I will continue praying. How neat that your grandpa was able to visit her for awhile. The bedding looks very pretty.

  11. My Dad did pass away in his sleep. We never got to say goodbye. It is terrible for the family to experience such a shock. I am so sorry for what you are going through, my Mom passed away with cancer and it was terrible too. Best wishes.

  12. Linda Ross says:

    You and your family are to be admired for loving and truly caring for each other. Family is everything but often it is hard when health issues occur. Hold on! Thanks for sharing because others are uplifted as you do. God love you!

  13. I went through this with my in-laws 15 years ago. I was basically my mother-in-laws live-in hospice nurse for her last 11 weeks. (I am an RN). Since I lived 90 minutes away, my mother came to help me with our children. This was before the family medical leave act included in-laws, so we would hire a nurse to cover for me so I could work every other week, 3 nights in a row. Just enough to keep me from losing my job. After her passing, my father-in-law came to live with us for the next 7 years. He had dementia. We finally had to move him to a nursing home too. We could no longer care for him safely and get any sleep. We would get suggestions like “take shifts” , but I worked nights and my husband worked days. The overlap when we were both gone from the house was from 5:45am to 8am. It was virtually impossible to find someone to come sit with him during those hours.
    This is a difficult time for all. My prayers are with your family.

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