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Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover + Gram Cancer Update

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First, I want to wish my little man a very happy 11th birthday! I can’t believe he is 11 and headed to the 5th grade. He was 5 when I started the blog and it’s hard to comprehend the time that has passed. Call me crazy but I love sprucing up my tiny little master bathroom.  The bathroom is small but it’s all mine. Yep, we did over our second bathroom on the the second floor which is now where my husband gets ready for work. 

You can do a lot for a couple hundred bucks in a bathroom!

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Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

I left the paint color green (it’s called Composed by Sherwin Williams) and swapped out the shower curtain, bathmat, decor accessories and towels. 

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

I can’t even believe how many times I have painted this bathroom. -ha. I decided this time around, the paint color would remain the same ;). 

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

Here is a picture of the bathroom empty. Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

I have wanted to update the mirror forever! I finally found a round one at HomeGoods and it looks so much better than what I had, which was a little tiny rectangle. 

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

I can finally see half my body when I look in the mirror vs. just my head ;). Aren’t the towels beautiful? They are so soft and plush!

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

The baskets from HomeGoods (see the bathroom reveal post) are still working out great from over a year ago when I did the last makeover.  

Here are a few looks this tiny bathroom has seen over the years. 

Mini Bathroom Makeover

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

Here is a before from a couple years ago. 

Budget Green Bathroom Spa Makeover

It’s amazing what a little paint, a few new decorative accents and fresh new towels and shower curtain can do for a small bathroom. This entire makeover was around $253 and I couldn’t be happier with the update.

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Green Bathroom Spa Makeover | Bathroom Inspiration Ideas |DIY

It has a spa feel which I love, yet is still functional. On another note, my gram finished her last day of radiation yesterday and while she is so happy to be finished, I know the diagnosis and the fact that she has to stay at the nursing home now, is weighing heavily on her mind. She is exhausted from the trips back and forth to the hospital for radiation and the pain killers they are giving her, make her feel tired too. We are hoping the radiation slowed down the cancer and will help her be pain free for her remaining days. I have come to the realization that she is definitely living on borrowed time, both of my grandparents and the day is coming that they will pass. I just hope my gram doesn’t suffer in pain from the cancer. Fingers crossed the radiation did some good. We will know for sure, if it helped, in a couple weeks when she has x-rays done. 

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  1. Prayers continue for your Grandma, Grandpa and all of you as your journey down this life path unfolds. May love surround each of you and bring you strength when you need it most. Birthday Blessings to your son, he is quite the young man now. The bathroom makeover is lovely. Thank-you for sharing these updates.

  2. Thank you for continuing to keep us updated. I continue to keep all of you in my prayers. Don’t know how you have the energy to do a make-over on top of everything else–but your bathroom is so gorgeous. Just looking at it makes my muscles relax!

    Love and gigantic cyber hugs,

  3. Lovely bathroom makeover. Sorry about your parents, will continue praying

  4. Your bathroom is very beautiful! I like the idea of the baskets, especially the ones with the toilet paper in them. I hope the radiation helped your grandma. My uncle is also undergoing radiation, so we are familiar with waiting for those tests to see if the radiation has done any good.

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