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68 Years Wedding Anniversary + Grandparent News

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Some grandparent news today and their wedding anniversary. We celebrated yesterday my grandparents 68th wedding anniversary at the Nursing Home and wow, it’s crazy to think about being married to the same person that long! -ha. It seems like we just had their big party where they renewed their vows, 5 years ago. Their anniversary is actually this coming weekend but decided to celebrate a little early. It’s not easy getting the entire family together due to crazy schedules and we were still missing a few but most everyone could attend. 

68 Years Wedding Anniversary + Grandparents News

My grandparents are a mixed bag of emotions and behaviors now. It’s so different than earlier this year before my grandfather was taken to the hospital for some pretty scary behaviors in early February. This entire year has been a whirl wind from moving them into the main part of our house, to sending my grandfather back and forth to the hospitals for mental health checks, to admitting him to a nursing home and now my gram being diagnosed with stage 4 renal cancer and her to, spending weeks in a hospital + rehab facility to ending up in a nursing home with my grandfather. Geez, after I write all that, it’s no wonder why we are all on edge, cry at the drop of a hat and become super annoyed with each other. God has a plan I guess.

68 Years Wedding Anniversary + Grandparents News

My son has no idea how lucky he is to have his great grandparents still in his life. I had my great grandmother in my life until I was 14. She was a huge influence in my childhood and I remember her like it was yesterday. 

My gram had two rounds of radiation this week and the worst part she says, is taking the wheel chair van about 40 minutes from the Nursing Home to the radiologist. She can’t get into a car anymore because of her leg so a paid wheelchair van is the only option. It costs $125 round trip and my both my grandparents would die if they knew how much money it costs.

My grandfather still thinks he could drive her. His brain is all over the place these days. Dementia is such a scary thing. The doctors had to do a med change on him a couple weeks ago. He became increasingly agitated each day and wasn’t getting better. The news of my gram’s cancer triggered him to have a downward spiral. He has become more paranoid, jealous (yes he thinks my gram has eyes for someone else – which is the most ridiculous thing on the planet) and starting seeing dogs on my grandmothers roommates bed that were not there. Yes, it’s been a little crazy these past couple week – literally. 



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  1. I pray for all of you. Thanks for keeping us updated. Your posts are always informative, funny and heartbreaking at the same time. Blessings!

  2. I’ve experienced some of those things with my mom and her dementia …the jealousy and paranoia. My dad had congestive heart failure and needed around the clock care. They stayed at home and between us ….my brothers (2) , sister (1) and help from a family friend who spent two nights and days a week (he was paid ) . It was a lot of work and yet it was rewarding. I don’t how you have managed so long on your own…you certainly have lots of blessings coming to you .

  3. We went through something similar with my dad who had kidney cancer. He was doing fine for 2 years up until this past April, but he then went downhill really fast. He was in the hospital multiple times, then a nursing home. I know how hard it is on the family. Take care of yourselves during thus difficult time. And thank you for sharing.


  4. You have been blessed with an abundant wealth of loving family, as I’m sure you must know. If we live long enough, our lives come full circle and we are back to needing care. That is not something anyone wishes for, but it is the reality of a life long lived. Embrace whatever comes on this uncharted journey, it is beyond your control and will still contain gifts ( like this anniversary). Prayers for All!!

  5. Praying for your sweet grandparents and you and your family, as you go thru this difficult time in your life. Just trust God he still has a wonderful plan for your family.

  6. Wow! What a beautiful picture! Your very blessed Jessica and I’m praying for you as a write this and everytime I think of your wonderful family. Be strong!

  7. Rachel P. says:

    You are such an amazing Granddaughter Jessica. Stay strong – seems like your family depends on you for that. Will pray for you that all goes well for and that you are given the strength to carry on.

  8. Juanita in OH says:

    I cannot imagine what your family is going through. Trust in the Lord and seek comfort in Him, continue to build your strength and LOVE Him as you always have. CONGRATULATIONS to you Grandparents for their wonderful accomplishment. I wish you all the peace you can find.

  9. Happy Anniversary to your grandparents! 68 years, wow, that’s awesome! I just can’t imagine all that you guys are going through, but it’s so neat to still see all of the smiles in the pictures. I’m praying for all of you.

  10. Jessica, when my dad’s dementia started, he thought my mom was having an affair, while he was in the hospital. This was his thoughts for years. While it hurt my mother deeply, my sister and I just shook our heads. He never brought it up to me, and only after some years did he say something to my sister. It’s an awful and draining situation to be in. Big hugs to you all.

    1. Yes! My grandfather has thought the same thing about my gram for YEARS! It’s absolutely ridiculous but in his brain, he thinks it’s real. The thought come and go and get worse when he needs a med change. So sorry you had to go through it with your dad 🙁 . Hugs to you too!

  11. I can empathize so – No words.
    Just (((hugs))).
    And tears.
    And prayers.

  12. Cynthia Spurlock says:

    Happy Anniversary to your Grandparents! It is a very stressful time in your lives so y’all be sure to take your vitamins get enough rest! Love from south Georgia!

  13. It’s wonderful that you were able to get most of your family together to celebrate your grandparents’ 68th Wedding Anniversary. What a milestone!! You are such a blessing to your family. I know all of the changes this past year have been so difficult. I’m praying for all of you.

  14. BOBBIE FEY says:

    The picture of your son and Grandfather is so very precious. What beautiful smiles! I applaud you and your love and devotion to your family. Have shared in previous posts about caring for my Mother and then my Father-In -Law. So rewarding……there are no words. As this was happening I also had a 21 yr old diagnosed with Mental Illness and also raising a Grandson from birth. In a solitary moment I prayed why was I in this situation and the message LOUD and CLEAR was……………BECAUSE YOU CAN. That did it! I knew it was mine to own. My loving husband was at my side and it has all turned out with us being richer in spirit.

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