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Barn style doors (stage 2)

The barn style doors are coming along! They have been sanded, primed & painted white (BM decorators white) I haven’t decided if they will stay white or maybe a light gray color?

The room is a bit dark so I’m thinking a light color. Anyway, my new dilemma is what to hang them with! I originally wanted the “flat style” roller barn door hardware like this:

When they gave me the quote of almost $900!!! I almost fell over!

Have they lost their mind!? So looks like I need to go to plan B….unless of course, one of you fabulous ladies has an idea for me to make these! I am off to Lowes to see if perhaps I can get a traditional barn hanging roller kit (they are kinda ugly but maybe I can spray them?) and add a few decorative elements to make it look like the $900 version!

Seriously, people spend that much money to hang their doors! ?? 

I plan on hanging them on the bookcase (the middle portion) to hide coats ….I don’t have a convenient coat closet & the kitchen chair is getting tired of being buried with coats!

I love the Pottery Barn locker style cabinets but to the tune of $1500….this, I think was a better option Smile

UPDATE: You can see the final barn door version here.
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  1. {darlene} says:

    LOVE barn style doors. {This is the only spot that opened up for me when I clicked on the comment button. Yes I am on WP}.
    The flooding is terrible here. We are thankful that Fieldstone Hill, is, well, on a hill! Thanks for asking!

  2. Hey Chickie! love your new project.Its looking great. Come over to my house so you can redo my front deck! following you now

    check out my blog – http://www.imasillymami.com

  3. So I had questions on the barn door hardware. Did you get all the parts at lowes , home depot and do you have all the part names