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How to make a hydrangea Autumn Wreath

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Today, the kids and I did some fun fall decorating, sanded and painted the “barn style” doors & I made a wreath. I have an obsession with hydrangea’s and I saw a post last week (forgive me but I can’t remember where) & it inspired me to make an autumn wreath out of the hydrangea’s in our yard. This is my creation which I think will hang in the side foyer ~ that is another project I’m working on….a foyer redo for Autumn!

All you really need for this wreath, is an inexpensive grapevine wreath from a craft store, pick some fresh cut flowers (beg, borrow or steal) I prefer fresh flowers & then spray with dried flower spray to preserve. These hydrangea’s were just about passed so they were perfect for this project.

You can use silk flowers also from the craft store. For this wreath, I tied (with craft wire) the lower dried long pieces that I had in my “fall bin”.

I pushed the hydrangea stems (carefully) through the wreath and tied with floral wire. The color scheme I was going for was pink & green (hydrangea’s) & light brown. I actually had to spray paint a little Cinnamon color on 3 of the hydrangea’s b/c I had to pick some blue ones  and they didn’t match so I spray painted them. I will spray paint anything!

I bought from Michael’s, a burlap roll which I made the bow from. I folded the cut pieces (length wise) and then stacked them on top of each other and fastened to the wreath with craft wire. Folding in half & then stacking creates a nice fluffy rustic bow but you can do whatever kind of bow …I just love rustic !

Total cost, $8.53 (wreath & burlap)

Be sure to check out our pink and blue hydrangea wreath as well!

Fall Hydrangea wreath

How to make a dried hydrangea wreath is super easy and I think it’s perfect for autumn. If you were to purchase a dried hydrangea autumn wreath, you would likely spend over $50. I think I will stick to my DIY version 🙂 You can see our foyer Autumn before & after here.

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  1. BluBabesCreate says:

    This gives me a nice warm feeling. Come check out the Ferris Bueller chairs and Canadian tablescape.

  2. Pure gorgeousness! wish I had hydrangeas like that in my yard!

  3. This turned out so pretty. We have hydrangeas in the yard,…I guess I'll have to go foraging. 🙂

  4. What a gorgeous wreath! I put my fall one up today but it doesn't look nearly as unique and pretty as this!!

  5. This came out really pretty !!!

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