Barn style doors (stage 1)

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We have this gigantic built-in bookcase that just needs some pizzaz….you know what I mean? Some molding, trim & maybe some nice barn style doors. Yes that would be great! I searched the Internet for inspirations & found tons of pictures and then narrowed it down to 3. I asked my dad if he wanted to help me (he’s a master at this stuff) and he said , “nope ~ I got a lot of work to do” (he is shingling the house). So, I said no problem…..I can do this! Keep in mind I have never run a chop saw & am really BAD in math so getting the exact measurements may be a problem! No biggie though, because I am going to make these doors….I figure a skill saw will work (I’ve used maybe 2x) So, I go to home depot and get my supplies. At this point, I really have no clue what I am doing…I get all my dad’s equipment out & spread out my pictures ~ as I “fire” up the skill saw, you guessed it….my dad arrived. He was not impressed with me & did everything he could to discourage me from making these doors. He was pretty crabby….. but we did it….he gets scared when I start using his tools! So check out the process below …..

This is the bookcase (don’t mind the stuff….it’s kinda a dumping ground at the moment)

You will need a “T” square to draw straight lines to cut

Measure the length and width of the doors you are making

We used bead board 4×8 planks as the backing and placed 1×4’s as the frame. We glued with Elmers Wood glue and used 5/8″ nails (flip over and nail from the back) You will need to let the glue set before you nail.

This is my gramps….he lives with us to. 4 Generations all under one roof….thank goodness we all have our own living spaces! He supervised.

This part was a little difficult….we used 1×2’s to make the “x” design on the door. You will need a beveled square to get the exact degree to cut …this is where my dad came in VERY handy!

Yup, there we are ~ 2 pea’s in a pod! He hates when I get these projects and he gets sucked in 🙂
At this point, the other side is glued and we have flipped over the plank and reinforced with nails….alot of nails!

And there it is….my completed door , well stage one. You will need to put something heavy in the middle of the “x” design to clamp it for a bit. The gas cans were the closest and heaviest!

This is what you will need: Glue, nails, wood for trim (we used pine 1×4’s) , 4×8 beadboard plank,sandpaper (for rough edges) and any filler/chalking once completed

This little guy ROCKS!!!!

That is the end of stage 1.

See Stage 2 here
Check out the final project here!

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  1. Amanda @ Serenity Now says:

    Fantastic! And I love that your grandpa got in on the DIY. Please email me a link with the finished project. I'd love to see and I may forget to check back in. Great job so far! Thanks for the visit today. 🙂

  2. Wow. So excited to see the finished project. Looks like it's going to be absolutely fantastic! I am a bit obsessed with barn doors right now too. Love to see a link to your finished project!


  3. Amy {The Idea Room} says:

    Oh my goodness! I want me a barn door too! Love that you made one. I am bookmarking this!!

  4. Inspire Me Heather says:

    Nice job on the doors – they look great! I've got this linked to my doors post too today, well done!

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