WoodStock Inn Vermont holidays

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Many times I find myself looking on pinterest for one thing and end up side tracked on another. Just popping in real quick to share this gorgeous Inn that is about 3 hours from our home and one which I have visited on a few occasions. It’s absolutely beautiful not only during the holidays but year round. The Woodstock Inn holds a memory that I will have to share on another day as it is absolutely crazy and involves an ambulance ride that landed me in intensive care for over 7 days. Nothing to do with the Inn, my intestines just decided they were not going to work that week. ha


The Woodstock Inn in Woodstock Vermont is close to everything and has the most adorable little town. Both of my grandparents grew up in Stowe Vermont and Woodstock  is close by. Ski season starts in New England soon and we are hoping to head to Vermont in early 2015 for a long weekend. We usually stay in Stowe but perhaps Woodstock will be a possibility this time around. Happy weekend!

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